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Thread: Citalopram 2nd time round

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    Citalopram 2nd time round

    Hi I'm new here....bit of a long story but I'll try and cut it short

    Ive had anxiety and ibs for over 10 years.... About 4 years ago I started citalopram as my ibs was so bad I avoided going out socially. It basically changed my life!...I turned into an outgoing 'normal' person, who could go out, get drunk, stay over people's houses etc.

    I started forgetting to take my tabs after a while until I eventually stopped altogether about 4/5 months ago....thankfully I haven't had any recourance of my anxiety but my ibs seems to be coming back.

    As they are both linked it worries me that everything will come back if I don't nip it in the bud.

    It's a daft question but if I start my citalopram again will i react differently to last time?...I certainly don't want any violent reactions to alcohol or anything ( I'm not dependant, I would just like the choice to have a drink now I have my social life back! And I only drink shandy anyway as I'm also a vomit phobe!)

    Any experiences/help would be appreciated!!

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    Re: Citalopram 2nd time round

    Go and see your GP about this. If your anxiety has not come back and your symptoms are IBS I cannot really see how/why you would be prescribed Citalopram. It is the IBS you need to sort out. Don't assume one will lead to the other - the more you worry about that the more it could become a self fulfilling prophecy. There are many ways to tackle IBS which don't involve a major and strong medication like Citalopram Talk to your doctor, make an appointment on Monday.

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