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Thread: wasps

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    Re: wasps

    thanks for all your comments!! im laughing at some of them..i know people laugh at me with this phobia..and when i look back at myself and the way i act..its funny i suppose.. BUT if i saw a wasp right probably cause myself an injury.. i too also have alot of rather be tattoed any day than be stung by a wasp..and i also ran from a wasp that landed on my daughters pram..i stood away from the pram waiting for it to go..i dont know what it is about wasps.. fine with.. wasps are just evil gits that will sting over and over..a bee will only sting in danger... but wasps? its like they get a good kick out of terrorising people.

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    Re: wasps

    Hi here where I live there are lot of paper wasp and if stung it hurt for days.I do not like the critters but better than snake,crocs,spiders and irikanji and box jelly fish,the joys of live in the tropics i guess.
    Petra x

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    Re: wasps

    Im also scared of wasps well anything that buzzes wasps/bees and dragonflys. Ive had nightmares about wasps etc since i was young might seem stupid but when i was 1 years old i got stung by one on the bottom whilsts on a slide i never forget that i also remember when me and my sisters was around 4yrs old she told me she was a wasp.. ever since that day i have never forgot and sometimes have weird dreams about it. Last year i woke up to find a wasp infront my face when i woke up i got out of bed so fast my heart was racing for ages. Ive been stung loads by wasps/bees as i was a gardener befor i got anxiety but if i hear a bee/wasp buzz the buzzing is in my head the rest of teh day and drives me mad.

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    Re: wasps

    I hate them!!!! i was stung when i was 13 when one flew in my t shirt and i couldnt get it out. We had a nest on the house last year and we had to get pest control in. They are a serious cause of anxiety for me lol.

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    Re: wasps

    They're vile aren't they, I hate them. I don't have a phobia but can't be near them and they ruin the summer (that and hayfever). Spiders frighten me more though, don't know what it is about them, now that is something that will send me screaming from a room ! lol

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    Re: wasps

    I too hate wasps. I was once stung by one. I think it was a drone. don't know if that is correct. All i kow it was smaller than a wasp--anyway --the outcome was not pleasant. I came out in hives all over my body and I felt so unwell. My neighbour took me to the docs, because my breathing was ok, it was not serious,so was given antihismanins (cannot spell ) I carry some tabs in my bag now,just in case xx

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    Re: wasps

    hi i am exactly the same,i have a serious phobia of wasps, i have been stung 3 times, but i remember walking down the road on my own and one came towards me, i hurled my bag round and round above my head while screaming like a banshee, there was a bus stopped full of people, i must have looked a right prat, but i don't care.

    i must admit i have had a laugh at some of your posts, because it is exactly how i react, aw well here comes summer, better get my running boots out lol

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    Re: wasps

    I HATE wasps and BEES infact! I know bees have a purpose but wasps don't! I do exactly the same, I once locked myself in a room until my mum got home because there was a giant bee in my living room! They all laughed at me when I stood there hysterical and crying spraying something on it to kill it, I've never been stung and I'm scared I'm allergic and I think that adds to my phobia! I don't like it when people laugh, it's not my fault really is it? I'm dreading summer now too! My phobia is the worst it's been!

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    Re: wasps

    I am the same I hate them my ex used to sit on the beach with a bat hitting them incase they came near me lol

    We went to Caldy island once where monks live in wales and they were bee keepers and I was hysterical lol and we had to come off the island I just couldnt bare it there was wasps and bees everywhere, and my poor ex husband was there with a bat squating them for me on the beach bless lol

    I buy wasp repelent in the summer and spray it on me I never stay still I scream like mad I jsut don't care I hate them I have never been stung but my 2 daughters have poor things

    Cathy xx

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    Re: wasps

    I am absolutely terrified. I have ran away and left my drink/dinner/son.
    It gets to the stage where I won't go out.

    I used to have a convertible car, no point in me having it as I couldn't put the roof down incase a wasp came.

    I have 4 cans of raid in the house.

    I also get to the stage where everything I see out of the corner of my eye is a wasp and I can't concentrate on anything else that is going on for looking out for them!!!

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