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Thread: Do palpitations have to be caught on an ECG?

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    Do palpitations have to be caught on an ECG?

    I've suffered from flutters since I was about eleven or so, I've had numerous ECGs (three at my surgery and numerous due to necessary hospital treatments) which have all come back normal. I've never dared ask for any other tests for fear the surgery might get angry at me. I don't get many palpitations - about ten noticeable ones a week, sometimes more depending on what I'm doing. They tend to just happen randomly and without a pattern but one of the biggest triggers is hot baths and sexual activity. I sometimes suffer from dizziness with exercise and sometimes also flutters.

    None of this has ever been picked up on ECGs. My GP said it was very normal to feel your heart jumping a bit every so often, I have mentioned it to other GPs and they have said the same. I am terrified though of sudden death syndrome to the point I barely leave the house.

    I get more worried when on here or if I google for information as everyone I have met who has suffered from these symptoms (especially on here) has seen cardiologists, had 24 hr heart monitors etc - a lot of people say that for everything to be ruled out, you must have the events picked up by ECG. I've never had any of that and I'm unsure what to do. I sort of feel like my GP must be going wrong but then I have asked other GPs who haven't even mentioned tests at all. I have my hospital consultant next week (though she specialises in bladder cancer and bladder problems), will I ask her for advice? Have tried CRY and BHF both of whom didn't offer a lot of advice.
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    Re: Do palpitations have to be caught on an ECG?

    Hi DaisyCake,

    I get palpations, fluttering and dizziness sometimes when doing nothing and sometimes when at the gym, which scared me. You dont say how old you are but I am 38 and as well as anxiety potentially could be hormonal due to peri-menopause which is very normal but because more homed in on physical symptoms is more noticable and causes more distress.
    Palps, Flutters, Dizziness are normal bodily sensations which most of the population get. We cause these sensations to become more uncomfortable and worrisome by having negative thoughts.
    I would take comfort in the fact that your body has had these symptoms since you were 11yrs old and you are still here, and a number of GP's have seen you.
    I totally understand how you feel as I have suffered HA for many years but we need to learn to accept uncertainty and that seeking reassurance for google or GP's can lead to becoming a little manic (I know)
    Easier said then done but try and go out and do things to distract yourself as if you become too scared to go out this could cause longer term issues not physically but mentally.
    I hope this helps, take care

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    Re: Do palpitations have to be caught on an ECG?

    Palpitations a couple of times a day is pretty normal. Most people do not really notice them.

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