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Thread: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    hello. pleased that you don't need the bp tablets Lesley. I know how they make me feel and its not helped when trying to control diabetes either.
    we had a great holiday last week in Scotland and visited the zoo in Edinburgh to see the pandas. I surprised myself to walk up so many hills but if you don't you don't go far in Scotland.
    is the pup settled in now steve they demand a lot of attention don't they?

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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    Lovely to hear your doing ok Alan, your holiday sounded nice, ive never been to scotland and would love to go. maybe oneday :-)

    Hows's the grandchildren doing? bet they missed you last week.bless.

    well done in walking the hills! so nice to know you ok Alan.

    lots of love Lesley xx

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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    Hi all!

    Alan I am so glad to hear that you had a wonderful holiday! Sometimes all we need is a good vacation, it can work wonders. Lesley, glad to hear you did not need the bp medicine. Sometimes we all get little blips and downs when the anxiety can creep in, this is normal and when we understand that is is simply a passing thing in can make it go quicker. Steve, glad to hear you are well! Hope the hound is adjusting well!

    I have been pretty good all things considered. The weather has been wonderful here in Columbus. Not too hot and not too cold, a very good summer it has been. Ohio is usually known for its odd weather so this steady temperature has been a welcome change!

    Its wonderful to see how we are all steady and well with our anxiety, minus the odd blip here or there. We should all be so proud of how far we have come!

    I will be starting at a new agency in a few weeks, me and the better half (and our cat) will be moving closer to downtown. All this change and uncertainty would normally send me into a very anxious state, yet i find myself to be calm and even excited to start this new chapter. I do have the cit to thank, of course (still on 10mg, never saw a reason to up it..) but running and cycling have become a daily routine for me and I have never felt better. Mindfulness meditation (thank you Steve, for the recommendation!) has also paid dividends!

    Busy times this summer with the changes and all. I have a 100km cycling race Saturday and the family will be visiting as well. Glad to hear that we are all staying the course and doing well. It really is encouraging to see all our progress!

    Hope you are all having a wonderful summer and that the weather is more favorable!!


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