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Thread: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    Evening all

    I seem to be the only one on here these days. Oh well, it’s good therapy for me anyway as I can look back and see I'm getting better.

    The last few days have been a steady week-on-week improvement. I’m not quite as good at start of week, but I’m managing fine. I’m up to 6 hours a day at work. I have the occasional moment, but doing well.

    My sleeping is poor, but I don’t feel overly tired. I wonder if the meditation means I don’t need as much sleep. I’m meditating for 30 – 45 mins each day. It's a chore fitting it in, but I quite enjoy it when I start. I think the quick mediations during the day ("breathing spaces"), really help. When my mental issues start to drift in, the breathing spaces make a big difference.

    Still no news on my brain scan. Saw doctor, she said there was no need to go back for 3 months, and she was happy with progress.

    Hope all those who drop by are well. Laura, how you feeling on the new meds?

    Take care all


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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    Hi all!

    Steve I am so glad to hear that you are noticing improvement. I am really inspired by your commitment to a multifaceted approach to taking on anxiety. I know I should be doing more, such as cbt, but it's not easy motivating yourself to go when things are going so well for me.

    I suppose realistically it will do me a lot of good, especially because I know it will be beneficial in the future should anxiety crop up. But for me, I seem to be doing very well, my doctor only believes I should be seeing him now for routine physicals and the like. I am still interested in cbt though!

    Not much to really report on my end, my power finally came back on after terrible storms last Friday, and amid very high temperatures it has been quite the ordeal.

    Hope everything is going well on everyone's end! I take the more sporadic posts as a sign of folks getting back to normal, staying busy ( which I believe is extremely important) and moving forward with their lives!

    All the best and hope to hear from everyone!


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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    hi, keep having a look on here but it seems the girls have abandoned us. you are getting back and operating very well steve and david and a lot of your comments are along the same lines as ive been experiencing. things are at a reasonable level but not ideal. the gp says i should expect to be on cit long term in order to subdue my anxiety so if thats what it takes i have to be guided by him.
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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    Hi Alan - oh bless I haven't forgotten you - but have defected to the Ven site and besides your my facebook buddy!

    Hope you are getting on ok with Cit - early days for me on Ven - no real bad side effects so far - touch wood. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Take care


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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    Hi all
    how is everyone????
    Im feel like im on a bloody rollercoaster all the time its just the negative thoughts some days they pass and somedays they dont arghh
    Week 4 sertraline now and losing hope but trying to remain positive, my councillor has a feeling i may also have OCD (thoughts) i so dont want to try another med is it still early for full effect?? im confused as to what it mens when changing does it mean starting from sdcratch in a sense??
    Laura pleased you not having too bad side effects..
    Bought claire weeks books which really good and hubby said will rad it so he cn support me a bit more

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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    hello all my lovely's, hope you are all well x I've been very very busy went to see my nanny today who will be 100 in 4 weeks time she is very funny and so insightful even in old age!!! she keeps things in persepective and great therapy for me even though I start worrying how much long will will we have together, but like my sis says we should just enjoy what we've got. But that is me all over worrying and negative.
    We are off camping for the first time on Friday I think I will just drink my way through it lol! the kids are very excited so have to give it at try xx
    Steve, Alan, David great to read your latest posts xx
    Laura good luck I have friend who is your new med and is just feeling like she's turned a corner after about 8 weeks so hang in there xx she was on cit for nearly 10 years which just stopped working all of a sudden and then went on sert which didnt work at all for her (but everyones different) But she thinks ven is defo doing what it should so good luck darling xx
    Tracey well done for trying something else, reading is a great help (for me Mr Grey lol) but seriously I think the meds will only give you tools to carry on and are not a complete cure, so finding other things like self help books/therapy ect is the way forward xx
    chelle, kendra and lesely hope you are well xxx

    always thinking of you all even if i don't get on here as much lots of love em xxx

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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    What a few days! More about that later. Suffice to say, I’m fine. Tired, but fine.

    Hi David, my view of the CBT is that it was okay, not life changing though. Everything helps a little, so it can certainly do no harm. If you’re good with self help then in my humble opinion you can get as much from a good book. Still, you have to have the self discipline to read it and act on it!

    Alan, you seem to have awoken the girls! Should we be in fear I wonder? I agree with you. Long-term cit is a small price to pay for getting normality back. I see you’ve been a member for NMP for quite a long time. Have you been suffering that long? If so, it’s great that you’ve finally got some improvement back.

    Laura and Tracey, good luck on the new pills. Keep up the hard work and I’m sure you will get better.

    Hey Emms, good to hear from you too. I assume you’re doing much better. Your nanny sounds an inspiration. Imagine living for 100 years. Can’t get my head around that. She must have great health and optimism. Oh, I love camping! I know I’m in a minority, but am so jealous. I love the being in a tent in the middle of nowhere warm and dry when it’s blowing a gale outside. Gives a strange cozy feeling you don’t get anywhere else. Rain falling on the fabric. Make sure you pack the matches and toilet roll!

    My wife is reading shades of grey too (actually she’s listening to an audio copy). I wonder if I should lock the bedroom door and hide!

    Well, the week has been mixed. I had a bad day on Wednesday. Nothing horrific, but a few PAs and a lot of general anxiety. I feared I was putting myself under too much pressure. I had an interview on Friday and I’m sure that played it’s part. I woke up on Thursday bad too. When I got to work one of my friends said why on earth should I be anxious (in a completely honest, genuine way)….and at that moment the anxiety evaporated! He gave me the confidence and self belief I needed. Anyway, Friday (interview day) went really well…..unfortunately didn’t do too well in interview but hey ho. My anxiety was fine, but I didn’t do myself justice. Pretty sure I won’t get the job…..but I’m pleased I held it together. Went to bed exhausted last night. Still not sleeping very well though. I’m still on propanolol as well as the cit, so wonder if it’s a side effect. Reluctant to stop the propanolol as not sure I’m strong enough yet. Still another week of work then a week of holiday…so something to look forward to.

    Nice to hear from you all. Chelle, I hope you are okay. Haven’t heard from you for a while. I had good news on the brain scan. It was described as “quite normal” which I think means normal. I still have some symptoms, but I think I now truly believe there’s nothing physical wrong with me (I have health anxiety as well as general anxiety).

    Anyway, enough from me now. Have good weekend all.


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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    Morrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrning and Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllo everyone!!!!!!!!!

    My fingers have been itching to flex on the pc for a couple of weeks (where's the time gone??) .... our PC crashed and we had no computer or network. Agggghhh!!!!! Just simply not the same without it (especially when seeking work) so I'm pleased we're now up and running.

    Hope everyone's well?? It's been lovely reading up on your updates and it appears you are all busy with work and family life; being honest about your feelings and anxieties and coping the best way you can.

    These past two weeks has seen more more or less helping my mum and her new dog; a wheaton terrior called Archie (I've never known an intelligent puppy like it and he's getting bigger and bigger everyday, I adore him and will start taking him for walks myself when I pop round! He has helped me and the rest of the family in many ways ... play times are a sight to behold with me running all over the place, trying to take possesion of his bones and play tricks on him, trying to teach him .... God, my back!

    I've had some up and down moments; mainly again borne from no work. It's really been a tough market right now and from talks with family over the weekend have my thinking cap on as to what I'll try next.

    Steve, good to hear your updates. So you got the interview in the end, would you accept it if they offered it? Sorry to hear your blips but I've had them. Not so bad but they sort of grip me sometimes when I least expect it. I'm still grieving for my sister and of course, grief for my dad seeps in and I've had a couple of tearful days. The weather has been fowl hasn't it, I've stomped and marched through the puddles willing the sun when it appears to stay longer. Hopefully we should see a difference within the next week or two and the warm weather should appear (don't hold your breath), but like all of us, it gives us a lift to our spirits.

    Good to hear about your scan; I never asked about mine funnily enough, which is not like me. Can only assume all is well and have left it. I've been back to my GP's a few times since and totally forgotten to ask them. The meditation will certainly help you. I've been practicing every day even if for half an hour. Sometimes I think "will this work ... is it working"? and then remind myself to stop judging/doubting myself and just do it!! Sometimes I can get in the zone so to speak and other times I give up and bury myself in a read.

    Righto, I'm off for a little while but it's soooooo nice to write again!!!!!!!

    Take care all, Chelle

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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    Hi All and Chelle in particular

    Glad your are back up and online, even if I’m not….or not much! Just looked up wheaton terrier. What a cute looking dog! Reminds me of one off the telly, but I can’t think which. You lucky thing. A fluffy puppy. You’re right, they help big-time with the anxiety. What's his/ her name? I bought a new toy for our younger dog. She managed to destroy it in about an hour. A new record for her….to my annoyance.

    How is job hunting going? Have you come to any decisions on next step. Remember, health must come first!

    What about the brain scan? Have you heard yet?

    Yes, I did go for that job. Don’t hold out much hope…and haven’t yet heard. I think I probably would take it, but not sure. Besides, it’s unlikely I’ll be offered it. I kept telling myself before the interview to be calm and controlled, but as soon as I got in, it all went out fo the window!

    I’ve had what feels like a long, long week. Was supposed to do 7 hours a day, but have ended up doing a bit more, so have pretty much worked the full week. Back to normal. I had a few symptoms from time to time, but kept full control! There’s a woman at work who comes and talks to me….and she just goes on and on. That kind of sets me off! Silly really. I wonder if it’s the feeling of being trapped as I can’t escape the pointless noise!

    I’m really tired. Sleeping a little better, but not back to normal. My digestive system is
    finally showing some signs of normality too!

    I’m keeping up the mediation. My daily routine involves a long session of around 20 mins, then a couple of 3 minute ones whenever I can catch a quiet few minutes at work.
    Have a week of holiday now. Hurray! Our neice is visiting, so will be interesting trying to entertain a 9 yr old all week. Any tips? She seems mostly interested in just playing with other children around her own age. With good weather on the way, hopefully will be easy to keep her amused.

    Will be checking on here a bit more as I’m off work. Hope you are all well.

    Hope everyone else who passes by is doing well too.

    Take care


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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    I have been on it for 5 years with no problems. If you are having such a terrible reaction I think you should contact your doctor.

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