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Thread: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    Hi All,

    got a couple of days off so thought i would pop in and say hi :-) not many posts means you all doing well and thats great.

    Steve i was so pleased to hear your move went well and that your happy, its been a long year eh but we got there . xx sorry to hear about Holly and sending you a big ((((hug)))) yeah you remember all the good times you had together xxx

    david always nice to hear from you and you sound great!

    any news on alan? if your about alan let us know how you doing x

    I have had a lot of changes at work and to cut a long story short we have taken a cut in wages, (quite substanial) and then given triple work to do, morale is very low and its been a very trying time, they informed us just before christmas (which i thought was a bit mean) :-( anyway i have accepted it all now but have had a bit of a blip with anxiety , very nervy somehow, went to doctors and she said no wonder after whats been going on and put me on amitriptyline 10mg and have to say they have calmed my nerves down and im feeling better. (have to say nothing like i was before, head is clear) x

    i have continued to stay positive and look forward to the spring :-)

    please take care everyone and be kind to you and lots of love

    Lesley xxxx

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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    Hi Lesley

    It sounds like you need a hug, so sending one straight back [BIG HUG]. Don't overdo it. Listen to your body and
    make sure you rest when you need to.

    Thanks for your kind comments re: holly. I know that you are a dog lover too.

    I've had a good few weeks. To be honest I'm very very happy. I don't know if its the drugs or the mindfulness. Probably both. I wake up calm and happy and enjoy almost all of my day. I stay relaxed and in control.

    Having had the downs I'm happier than I can ever remember being.

    Lesley, please take care of yourself. I'm thinking of you. The crocuses are coming through here already in spite of the extraordinary weather. We can look forward to spring together.

    Sending much love


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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    hello all :-)

    awwww steve thank you so much for your lovely words, really helped me. i am feeling so much better , still have odd days but i seem to handle them now. not quite past the post though!

    it was great to hear your sounding so happy, and wishing you all the best in your new home, you deserve all good things to come your way xx

    Big Hug back for you xx
    I heard off alan and he's doing well too :-)

    the spring is my fav time of year and looking forward to seeing some sunshine, im off this week and really looking forward to it.

    how is work with you? you still running? i ll pop in again to see if you've been on.

    Hi to everyone else and hope you are all well, sending lots of love

    Lesley xxx

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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    Hi everyone!!!

    A very very belated happy new year!!!! Sounds like everyone is feeling back to their "normal" selves!!! Yipppeeeee!!

    Had a bit of a blip around new year but I was soooo worried as it was a year since it had all kicked off so was making myself ill i suppose!!! Feeling better now!!!!

    I was wondering if anyone sort of still over thinks things like thinking they are going to panic if they do something they havent done in a while??

    Still havent drove on the A19/motorway yet but it is still on my target list to get over!!! haha.

    Steve so sorry to read about your little dog!!! Its awful they are part of the family!!! Big hugs.

    Sending my love to all of you!!

    Kendra xxxxxx

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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    Hi Lesley, Hi Kendra

    Yes still running and started cycling to work too. I would be super fit, but the pills add a bit of weight and I eat far too much chocolate (...if that's possible!). I run only once a week because of the lack of light, but it's about 8 miles which is pretty good. It's along beautiful coast, so I feel privileged to be able to do it! Work still good. It's easy to be honest and glad to have anything right now.

    How was holiday? I'm guessing at least 3 breakfasts at the garden centre???

    Great to hear from you too Kendra. Isn't it strange how we get heightened anxiety because it's a year since things went wrong! I was same. The anniversary is passed now, so you can look back and smile at how silly we can be. A year ago, I really struggled to believe I'd ever get any normality back in my let's focus on how far we've come. Kendra, you'll be back in the car one day. You know you will! No urgency though. Do what you feel is right. [Hug] back to you.

    I still get occasional panics and over-analyse how I'm feeling. I'm doing better though and I'm sure you are too. I think what happened will never go completely, just fade as we get better dealing with it. It's no bad thing.

    I've started to drink occasionally again too. Trouble is, when I drink, I drink lots! Not sure it's the best approach. Had a big session last weekend. Don't remember bits, but am sure I enjoyed myself. The following couple of days my anxiety was quite put it down to the alcohol. Never again, maybe???

    Take care both and once again, great to hear from you.


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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    after a year i fainted yesterday so its back to going through various tests starting with a bp 24 hour monitor so more to stress about.

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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    Sorry to hear that Alan. You've been through this before, so can get through it again.

    As I'm sure you know, people do sometimes just faint for no reason. I would worry too, but please try not to.

    How are your family by the way? I remember your daughter moved out, so you have a quiet house.

    Take care


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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    I've been on Citalopram now for three weeks and three days. The first two weeks were at 10mg and then I was upped to 20mg.
    I was originally prescribed 20mg back in September but one tablet in and it gave me distinct morning sickness symptoms. Not good when I suffered that for seven months lol.
    I threw them to the back of the cupboard and said 'no thanks!'
    But.........starting on 10mg and slowly upping it to 20mg was a much better idea.
    The 10's were a bit strange for the first week. Heightened my anxiety, made me shiver, no appetite and generally feel unwell. The key is to stick with it and believe me it couldn't have been THAT bad - cos I did :-)
    Everyone is different though so keep in touch with your G.P and let them know exactly what you're going through. My doctor was on speed dial for the first few weeks but it got me through :-)
    Since upping my dose to 20mg (1 week and 3 days ago) I can honestly say that the transition was HARDLY noticeable. The doc reassured me that once you get up and running on the smallest dose, then upping them isn't such a shock to the body.
    Yes, you may get symptoms and feel like you're never gonna get there bit I can only speak from my own experience.
    You HAVE to do it slowly. Be in it for the long haul. There is no 'quick fix' for anxiety and depression so you have to weather the storm.
    If you're really struggling, then most definitely tell your doc. Keep a diary of exactly how you feel and tell them. They could very well tell you it's normal and sometimes that is all the reassurance you need to keep going.
    If you really can't tolerate them, there could be an alternative that only your doctor can advise, as they are the ones with your medical records - not us.
    Hopefully my opinion has helped anyone that is in the same situation.
    Stick with it if you can. It does get better. :-)

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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    I am a new member on this site but before I joined I have been reading this thread. And I must say a massive THANK YOU!
    To see that you have done this day by day has really help me to understand what I am going though with citalopram I am on week two and already starting to feel slightly like me again.

    I don't think I would have joined if it wasn't for the thread

    Again thank you

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    Re: Citralopram Starting out (day 3)

    Hi all,

    hope you are all doing ok? ive popped in to see how you are all doing.

    aww alan im sorry to hear you fainted, im sure its nothing and probably that old anx causing it, please try and let us know how you are after the tests etc? sending you a big .

    Steve your right about spring being round the corner but its just stopped on the corner because whats this weather doing now? snow one day, rain the next, sunshine the next, oh well soon arrive im sure. spring is my fav time of the year, when it arrives like :-) ooooo ive been haivng a lil drink now and again too, took long enough eh. its so lovely to read your doing well im really pleased xx

    Loopy you are so welcome and i am pleased your doing well on your cit, you stick with it, you will be like us in no time! :-) have to say the thread was a life saver to me, i met such wonderful friends and they were all going through hell and still had time for me and got me through my tough days. so im wishing you a speedy getting back to you! xx

    well im doing great on the amytripline, i have no anx at all now and sleep really well, even work seems easier too. and the house is beginning to look cleaner. there were times when i did'nt even see cobwebs or dust, did'nt care but i do again now and its great! will pop in soon to check on you all , take care of yourselves now and Big for you all.

    oh steven meant to mention about my daughter, doing her rehearsals and she's going to portugal this year so a nice holiday planned for me :-)

    i keep an eye on kendra on facebook and she's doing great! xxx

    sending lots of love Lesley xxxx

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