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Thread: Thank you to moderators and owners

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    Thank you to moderators and owners

    I just wanted to thank all you mods and owners of this forum. I can honestly say that this forum has helped me MORE than Doctors, drugs family,my Pastor, reading books,counselors....ect... I certainly dont mean to imply that this is a cureall for anxiety but to me the thing that helps me most is knowing I am not alone and that someone understands. Everyone here seems so kind and understanding.

    Thanks for the time and commitment! I am not the only being helped by this site.

    My own doctor diagnosed me with anxiety but NEVER gave me any info. He prescribed me 2 medicines but not a pamphlet not a list of symptoms(which may of been best since we sometimes tend have symptoms that are suggested) but he just never gave me any info or support. You all have informed me and assured me and I think this is so important!



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    Its is good to know that the forum has helped you so much, that is the great thing about NMP, everyone being able to share their experiences so that no one feels alone with their anxiety, unless you have suffered yourself you can never really understand the effects anxiety and panics can have on people, so to have a site where everyone can relate to one another is such a positive thing.

    Good luck with your recovery.

    Take care
    Trac xx

    'Live your life with arms wide open, today is where your book begins, the rest is still unwritten'

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    Piglet xx

    "Supposing a tree fell down, Pooh, when we were underneath it?" said Piglet.
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    Hi there

    Thanks for the lovely post.

    I am so pleased it has helped you being here.

    We have such a wonderful bunch of people on here that there is always someone who can offer support, advice, tips or just be there when you want a moan!


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