My son had a routine ECG probably done unneccessarily due to my anxiety as his brother had some minor problems on his.
Anyhow the nurse who did it said that he had some evidence of Left Ventricular Hypertrophy but that it was a common finding and they would write it up as normal. I think that the nurse wondered why we were there in the first place and my son was quite annoyed that I had dragged him there.
I want to just ignore it now. I could go and discuss with the doctor, but the nurse said that the doctor would look at it anyhow and get back to me if there was any problem
But I keep googling it, and wondering if I should follow it up as I am worried 'just in case' or 'what if they have made a mistake'.
I know that I should let it rest now, and wanted some reassurance that that would be the best idea. If I go and query it, I may just get some more tests for him, which will annoy him (he is 16) and also increase my anxiety.
(BTW I have just realised that I definitely do have health anxiety - not for me but for my kids. I put it down to having a medical background, and also experiencing a stillbirth as well as my other son having had a congenital abnormality missed at birth (I noticed it)).
Thanks and love to everyone.