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Thread: Another symptom thats near impossible to describe

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    Another symptom thats near impossible to describe

    I find the worst part of having panic disorder is I can never explain to people what the symptom plaguing me feels like. But lately it feels like my stomach is dropping... maybe what the first drop on a rollercoaster feels like? It takes my breath away. It passes quickly but it makes me feel like I'm gonna lose control and I feel like yelling for help everytime. But this stomach drop kicks fight or flight mode into high gear. I'll get a weird feeling in my head that seems to be aggravated by bright light, my neck feels tight, and I get dizzy. There's a weird heavy sensation in my arms and I get really hot. When it happens I have to leave any room. sitting is impossible. I had a terrible case of all those symptoms combined at a work meeting and when i ran into the bathroom, my pupils were dilated in bright light so I figure thats an effect of adrenaline because pupils are supposed to constrict in bright light. The feeling in my head makes me think I'm experiencing seizures, but none of the symptoms of seizure are necessarily there, other than the feeling of panic. I don't lose consciousness or control, i just feel like i will. Does anyone know what I'm talking about/ experience any of these symptoms? Is it just adrenaline and panic?

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    Re: Another symptom thats near impossible to describe

    Yea, I get that's extremely scary i ve not been able to explain but u did explain it so well. I also feel like I am being shut down, like im dying any minute, its awful and not even able to relax when it comes, i just sit there like a zombie. It will pass and you will feel better, just try and relax as much as you can.

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    Re: Another symptom thats near impossible to describe

    Its what happens when we get incredibly tense, the weird feeling in your head is tension, remember that the ears and eyes are full of nerve endings, when you get tense, they get tense and can play havoc with our vision and feeling off balanced and leave us with some sort of ''head is going to implode ..i am having some sort of seizure'' feelings.

    Not nice to have but it is down to tension, the eyes, ears, neck, jaw, shoulders, head, face...anywhere in fact. Some people find the anxiety tension focuses more on the stomach, some the chest, some the head, some the legs and arms... some all and more. A tense body (part) fueled with anxiety and fear leads to more tension and more fear..

    The solution is to learn to let it be. The more you fight it, the more tense you will become, the less you fight it..yep you've got it.. the less tense you become. x

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    Re: Another symptom thats near impossible to describe

    Thanks Mindful, that really helps, i myself tend to suffer a lot with severe epigastric pains, sometimes i feel like i have soooo much toxic gas in my chest that makes me extremely ill, plus all of those weird symptoms. I cannot believe how nerves can cause all that confusion in our bodies and they make you physically so ill to the point that you cant even get up. Thanks for that explanation, it helps a great deal x x

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