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Thread: Let no post go unanswered

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    Hi guys over the last couple of days I have been going through some of the forms and trying to answer questions with 0 replyís I would ask that we all make it our goal that no post goes unanswered even if itís just to let the poster know we are there for them of course this site and the people on it are great and very helpfully to each other this is why I feel together we can all ensure that no one is left worrying on their own.

    Thanks and_y

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    Re: Let no post go unanswered

    i do the same, even if i cant really relate or help
    .....when all is said and done and we come to the end of our lifes journey, posessions will have no meaning, and the only important questions will be 'was i loved and did i love enough?'.....

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    Re: Let no post go unanswered

    What a thoughtful person you are....I will try and do this from now on. I would be upset if I posted and got no are so right, just to let others know they are not alone is a big help Kitti x
    "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn"

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    Re: Let no post go unanswered

    Hello and y. Totally agree with you because i would feel more alone if i didn't get the nice replies i get and see on here. So well done to you and storm and i'm sure kitti and me will do more for those members you are referring too.


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    Re: Let no post go unanswered

    I try but have a way of killing off post

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    Re: Let no post go unanswered

    I agree with you all.... sometimes I have posted and had no replys
    then felt awful thinking am I boring but then I've tried to rationalise it and think
    positively that maybe people just don't read all posts and go through them
    and just reply to the posts that are relevant to their problems
    but I do think it's brilliant that you are taking the time to reply to people even if it's just to say hi because I know for me it really makes me feel a a lot better

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    Deffo agree with this! I just joined yesterday so im still working my way around the site, but i'll try and comment to as many as i can x

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    Re: Let no post go unanswered

    I always do this as the first thing I do here each day (aren't I lol) I search active topics and then look for those that have no replies. Mind, the trouble is that many times there are no replies as they are hard posts to answer, or I know nothing about it, or nobody knows what to say. So, it isn't always possible to add a meaningful response. Sometimes I have just said 'Sorry I don't know what to say, but wanted you to know I am thinking of you.....' or something like that. I have seen lots of others do the same too, so I am not the only Good idea to make the point though andy. It would also be nice if more people welcomed others in the introduction section.

    However, I do also think it is important that people realise that their posts not being answered is not a personal insult, there is never malice intended; it is often that their post slips off the page or it is difficult to answer. I know that people do get incredibly upset when they get lots of views but no replies, which is understandable at a time of anxiety, but it is better to just bump your post back up the page by saying something like 'anyone ?' 'nobody?' than take it personally.
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    Re: Let no post go unanswered

    I've noticed over the last year or so how this has improved and how rare an unanswered post is now - even if just a short message of reassurance. So all credit to those actively looking out for these

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    Re: Let no post go unanswered

    Ive been doing this since I joined. I think considering the nature of the site, it would be enough for anyones anxiety/panic/HA to increase dramatically if they think they are alone. Sometimes its the zero reply posts that slip through the net when in fact they need the most help. Thanks to the OP for bringing this to our attention
    Even if you cant help, someone knowing they arent alone can really help them. Im all for doing that x

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