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    Hi, I'm looking for some advice on controlling my sensitivity. I think I might have a highly sensitive personality
    When I talk about a sensitive personal issue I almost always tear up and cry and my face gets easily messed and red, not a good look. It gets hard to continue talking when I have a lump in my throat from crying. And i get lost in my thoughts and don't know what to say.
    When this happens its literally AUTOMATIC, even if I don't feel that sad/scared I still get excessively sensitive and people don't realise I can't control it and its not as bad as it looks. and I try so hard to control my tears but nothing works! I have a psychologist appointment today with a new dr. and I dont wanna break down ! please

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    I think it might not be a bad thing if you do have a break down in front of the new DR at least he/she will know what they are dealing with, if anything you need to be honest with them. I'm like that too, I went to doctors last friday and broke into tears and i do it every time, he must be thinking i'm nuts but you can't help how you feel, so don't be too hard on yourself and i would cry in front of my friends too if i talk about sensitive subject.

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    Re: extremely sensitive

    Hi - sorry you are having a bad time - don't be ashamed of crying in front of your doctor or psychologist that is there job - and that is why you are seeing them to sort your anxiety out. Hope you get sorted - its usually nice, sensitive people that get hurt the most. Good luck for today - do hope it goes well - may be your doc will give you some medication.


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    Me too Keta - at the moment.

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