Yesterday I finally spoke to someone that seems to know why I am getting all these weird feeling.
My Gp was just putting it down to anxiety, but I knew it was more than that. I phoned the local mental health team and they kept saying they would phone me back, and 2 days later they finally did, and the nurse I spoke to said it seems like I am suffering from discontinuation. She said the symptons would eventually go away. It all started when was changed to sertraline just before crimbo. I was on 50mg for 2 weeks, then my shrink put me upto 100mg, I put up with that for 4 weeks, then went back to my GP and he put me back onto 40mg citalopram. And I have not been right since. I am a lot better than I was eralier on this year, but there are a couple of things still not right. I have anxiety like I never had before, I am lethargic, nervous in the morning, appetite not as good as it has been, weird feelings in my legs, and stomach pains with loads of gas, all though that seems to be settling down today.

Can anyone tell me if they have gone through this, and how long it took. I have been back on citalopram for nearly 7 weeks. I am not depressed, but fed up with not feeling right. Any help and reassurance would be helpful