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    Exclamation Strange Feeling


    My name is Adam, im 22 years old, I am currently in a bad spell of my anxiety, and finding it very hard to manage at the moment. I have constant feelings of being unsure of my self, my surrounding, also second guessing what I have done. Like i feel i am not apart of myself and i will do something (like a shift at work) and then think "did i really just do that" and its making me feel very depressed. I feel like I am not in my body, its very strange.

    Has anyone else experienced this? What is it? Is there any good treatments to use?

    Any help will be greatly recieved!

    Many thanks


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    Re: Strange Feeling

    Hi Adam,

    It sounds to me that you are suffering from depersonalisation or derealisation which is an extremely common symptom of anxiety. When you are extremely anxious your brain decides to intervene and try and protect you so that quite often the sufferer suddenly feels removed from the situation. Many people who have anxiety problems report similar feelings to what you're experiencing. Sometimes they say that they feel like they are in a bubble and watching from inside; others report that it's like they're removed from their body just like you have done. I too suffer from it and again my feelings are different. I start to look at the world around me and think "Oh my God! I really exist!" and as stupid as it sounds it terrifies me. I look at objects and although I know what they are and how they are used, it's kind of like it's the first time I am seeing them.

    The important thing that you need to know is that these symptoms are completely normal for people who have anxiety. You are not going crazy and these feelings will not hurt you in any way, its usually that they are not pleasant. Keep reminding yourself of this and eventually these feelings will subside.

    Remember you are not alone and there are always people here who can help.
    Take care


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    Re: Strange Feeling

    Hello Jo,

    Thank you for the reply, I feel alot better about it now. I also have the feeling of like "is this all there is in my life" and like will it end, its very strange and difficult to explain but its like I thinking its a struggle daily at the moment, i get times where I feel ok then bam it hits me and i can spend all day thinking like this :(

    do you recommened any vitamins, herbal remedies that may help?

    thanks again,

    Adam x

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    Re: Strange Feeling

    Hi Adam,
    I just wanted to let you know that this feeling is entirely normal. I have/do suffer from it myself, but I started hypnotherapy today (something I was sceptical about, but looks rather promising) and although todays session was really just a general one about the practice and what I can expect from the forthcoming sessions, we discussed depersonalisation is some depth. Some info I was given today certainly made sense...
    In many ways, dp is a natural response to what our brains percieve to be a very stressful situation. Unfortunately, if you have generalised anxiety (which I too suffer from, thankyou universe!) then the vicious cycle we find ourselves in brings about dp, even when there is no need for it. The analogy used today was if I, or you were a gazelle and was being attacked by a lion, dp would make us feel as if the situation wasnt real - thus softening the experience. The real crapper is that we have this sensation when it's not required, and it can make us feel worse! I was convinced that I was losing my mind mate, I really was and it took a long time before I found anyone who even knew what dp was, never mind someone who could talk to me about it and reassure me that it was a natural response to stress/anxiety. Our brains are trying to spare us a trauma, but are actually making things worse but believe me man, it does go in time. I've beaten it once, and I will do again and so will you. A big help for me was learning that it's perfectly natural, but I assure you, it wont be with you forever.

    Also, I'll keep you posted where the hypnotherapy is concerned...if it works, and I'm pretty sure that it will, I want everyone to know that this is another avenue worth considering (no crystals, no feng shui, just relaxation please).

    Best wishes man,

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    Re: Strange Feeling

    Hi Adam,

    I'm glad my reply made you feel a little bit better about what you are experiencing and I hope that you will always seek comfort in knowing that it is a normal part of anxiety. Dp is the worst part from me but like Greg says, it does go away.

    As for vitamins and herbal remedies I swear by camomile tea and rescue remedy. Both help me to try and relax and I'd recommend them to everyone. But mainly I try to distract myself when I have dp. I'll read a book or complete a puzzle, something which my brain really has to concentrate on.

    Keep doing what you are and the dp will eventually subside, and remember to tell yourself when you're doing well. Take care hun,


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    Re: Strange Feeling


    Thanks greg and Jo for your advice! I feel more normal now,which is good as most people around me really dont know how to help me due to not knowing what to say.
    Oh yes keep my posted about that greg!
    I suppose focusing my mind would benefit, I have actually had this before, but took me 8 months to feel "normal again" i know i can do it, just wish i could be care free and not worry so much!
    Can i ask, when your going through these feelings, does it affect your dreaming? I have dreams every night, always remember them and they are quite vivid, like they could actually happen in reality, rather than typically an obscure dreams. Sometimes i have to remind myself that i dreamt that and it didnt happen.

    Many thanks guys


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    Re: Strange Feeling

    Aye, I can totally relate to that one man. Some of the obscure thoughts I've had during the day link back to dreams. This used to be much, MUCH worse though, especially when I didn't know what dp or dr actually were. I was utterly, totally convinced that I was lost in some virtual reality or rather, that I was round the twist haha. It's highly unpleasant for sure, but just knowing what this feeling actually is helps.

    I'll totally keep you posted re hypnotherapy Adam. Honestly, I'm hugely sceptical about anything a bit, well, different in that sense as my parents are hippies and I've grown up around crystals and tarot cards and all that mush (opinions are totally authors own) but it really does make sense. the way it's supposed to work is by removing the attacks themselves. Apparently, an attack only lasts about 2 minutes, but the fear that it can create can drag it out as more adrenaline is created. If we weren't scared of the initial rush, they would totally vanish and this is the plan. Honestly man, I'm so excited about it I cannot explain haha! I'm doing this without anti-depressants as they dont agree with me (had a right batch over the last few months, be amazed if there is one I havent tried) so I'll totally keep you informed.
    Also man, if you ever want to discuss anything, feel free to PM me. As soon as I get over this myself, and I WILL, I want to make it my mission to help others do the same. We're getting there man, slowly but surely

    Laters, all the best!

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    Re: Strange Feeling

    I'm just like you with my dreams. I also dream every night and I find them to be incredibly vivid but also incredibly crazy. My friends always find it really amusing when I recall my dreams. Just last week I was in a museum trying to escape from a dinosaur....very strange I know However, when I'm going through dp I always find my dreams as a bit of relief. I guess my dreams have always been wild and unusual so I expect them to be like that before I go to I guess no matter how bad my dp is, I know there will be some comfort in my dreams remaining the same....if that makes sense?!

    Keep on going Adam! You're doing great

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    Re: Strange Feeling

    Thanks for the lovely messages guys! I wish you all the best on your recoveries too!

    I have beaten this once before, AND I WILL AGAIN!

    I am going to retrain my mind and focus on other things for a while, perhaps learning an instrument or something, also I am making plans for some trips which will take my mind (hopefully) off my mind lol if that makes sense!

    Anyways if you guys also wanna chat, pm and we can swap emails or something

    Thank you!


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