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Thread: can i just ask a question?

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    can i just ask a question?

    i haven't been diagnosed with anxiety but am fairly sure that is what is wrong with me.
    what i want to know is, is over worrying, constant worrying, making you avoid things, still an anxiety disorder or is always the physical symptoms?

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    Hi Linny, it sounds like an axxiety disorder to me but maybe getting a proper diagnosis would be best

    Take care



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    Constantly worrying does make us a lot more anxious, its a natural reaction.

    Take care

    Trac xx

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    Hi Linny

    Worrying and negative thinking is part of anxiety. It is the way we interpret our thoughts and the physical feelings that determines whether we view what we are feeling as being anxiety or excitement.

    For example, someone about to get on a rollercoaster might experience a racing heartbeat, sweating, fluttering tummy etc just as someone who is scared of going out alone. The only difference in the physical symptoms is the way they are interpreted and the thoughts that accompany those feelings. So avoidance plays a big part in anxiety.

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