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Thread: obssessive shopping & hording

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    obssessive shopping & hording

    Hi there,
    I think realistically I've been a shopaholic for a while, I love new things, Don't get me wrong I don't buy expensive things in fact I get more excited over a bargain, the trouble is I have so many clothes it's a joke. clothes never worn, clothes with labels in, shoes in boxes,creams,lotion and potions never used.

    There are now 2 piles in my spare room one for ebay and one for charity, but I cannot get the guts to get rid. what if i need them? what if I give away the wrong thing?

    If I don't buy something, Even if it's little (like a magazine) everyday I get really moody and even if I don't get to food shopping I get the hump, I can't afford to be like this, MOST of my bills get paid but there's always one that trails along because I've overspent (AGAIN!) I don't think people take a shopping addiction seriously.
    I desperately want to have some savings but I just can't it burns a hole in my pocket

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    Re: obssessive shopping & hording

    Am I the only one suffering with obsessive shopping

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    Re: obssessive shopping & hording

    You are not the only one with a shopping addiction. You and I aren't the only ones who are compulsive buyers.

    My shopping addiction probably started in 2010,when I moved away from my parents, to live alone and needed to buy loads of items for the Flat.
    I didn't look for bargains and paying for delivery didn't concern me. I have since then, realised I should've looked for the cheapest option and maybe free delivery.
    Luckily, I have done quite well to put a side some savings and apart from earlier on in the tenancy, I had money issues. That mightve been due to me getting used to my online bank account.
    I too have far too many clothes but it's nightwear that I have too many items of. Especially onesies.
    There isn't enough room for the things I would like to buy and I'm stressed cos I need to save up for house refurb. Inside and out. I don't want to go for the cheapest option. I want to pay for something that will last a big amount of years, as far as renovating is concerned.
    Browsing websites is like window shopping for me and cos I am agoraphobic, I rarely go out and buying online, cheers me up. I have got a bit better at self control.
    Another spending problem I am trying to recover from, is donating money to charity.
    There is support out there for us.

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