I have suffered with panic attacks for years, had palpitations and chest pains all the way through, but I seemed to recover for about 4 years and now my anxiety and panic has returned and all the palpitations and worry about having a heart condition!

My doctor has never referred me for an ECG. I have always wanted all the heart tests but felt too embarrassed to ask, as I feel like such a crazy hypochondriac.

Should I simply ask to be referred for tests? The doctor only ever listens to my heart and says it's fine, and sometimes I ask for the doctor to listen again if im worrying again! I would like to think that having the thorough tests would put my mind at rest! But is this a valid enough reason to be referred for tests I fear not!

Any help on how I can get heart tests would be greatly appreciated! Might I have to do to Bupa private healthcare if I can't get it done free on NHS?

I also know that c.r.y do screenings across the country but no clinics anywhere near me and none traveling near to me in the future either...