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    Claire Weekes

    Can I urge everyone who hasn't read it to read: "Self-help for your nerves" by Claire Weekes?

    This book was literally life-changing the first time I read it four years ago, and played a big part in my recovery.

    Now, after slowly drifting into a relapse (without even really realising it) - I decided to read it again. After just reading the first couple of chapters, I feel transformed! I'm almost afraid to post this, in case it is a "false dawn" - but I feel totally different to how I have felt for the past year or more (in a very good way!)! - Hope it lasts!

    There is something magic in this book! - I think it is the way she understands the thought processes involved, and describes thoughts and fears I thought only I had! (I thought everyone else with panic was different LOL!)

    She gets right to the root of the problem, and just reading about it seems to get into your sub-concious somehow!

    Might not work for everyone, but definately worth a try!

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    Re: Claire Weekes

    Thank you for posting this. After reading quite a lot on this site about Claire Weeks books, your post has really prompted me to get myself a copy! It sounds like it has been a really positive read for you so far, well done and keep up the good work

    "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn"

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    Re: Claire Weekes

    Yes her books are excellent - I have a few of hers - even a dogearred one from the 1980s. She was ahead of her game.

    Lots of professionals still follow her advice - just simple steps to follow.

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    Re: Claire Weekes

    I got three of these books from the MIND libaray today and they are the way ahead and combined with CBT this is all good stuff : )

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    Re: Claire Weekes

    Took your advice Meltdown and ordered from Amazon! Thanks for the heads up, Sal x

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