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    I know we have had this a million times, but......

    Hi All,

    I'm afraid I'm suffering big time with the globus throat thing again. And its FRIGHTENING me so much. I'm so, so, so, so sorry for bringing this up yet again, but I feel like I could use some of your kind words of wisdom.

    I've recently given up full time work to return to full time university study. Plus, I still feel I'm trying to come to terms with my Dads passing away last month. This may sound like a ludicrous question, but would this be (ina nyones opinion) enough to trigger of symptoms of anxiety. I cant say I feel particularly stressed, but is the globus rearing up as a physical manifestation of my stress/anxiety?

    I know a lot of my posts lately have been around this, but its just such an awful symptom.

    Thanks in anticipation.


    I want to go up to my anxiety, smile, put my arm around it and say to it caringly, 'Hey! How are you? How's your day been?'

    Then, just as its about to answer me, I wanna throw a sack over it and give it a hiding within an inch of its life.

    That would be nice.

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    Hi Dan!

    I know from experience that losing someone to death CAN trigger the most unexpected anxiety symptoms, as I had ALL sorts when my brother passed away! Your throat feels funny because you " hold " your pain there perhaps?... you know what I mean? Does it feel like when you want to cry but your holding back the emotions!!! My throat gets alwasy very tight when I do that!! Sorry I couldn't help more :(

    Love pitita

    " The solution to a problem is right through it..."

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    Hi Dan,
    I had never had experience with the throat problem until early this summer. It was so strange. Sometimes I would have trouble swallowing and even choked a few times. I automatically assumed it was a symptom of a horrible disease and started looking for what my new ailment could be. Fortunately, I found this website and read about throat problems being a common symptom. I couldn't believe it. I haven't had trouble swallowing since. Like you, I'm not certain what is causing my symptoms to pop up and my anxiety to be so bad. I'm sorry that you lost your father. I bet that has a lot to do with it. I'm losing my mother to dementia and although we live several hours away from each other, maybe it rests somewhere in my mind and it contributes to my attacks. Best of luck to you.

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    Hi Dan -
    You don't ever have to feel sorry about posting here!! We are all here to support each other!!!
    You're right it is a horrible symptom - and the one that I struggled with the most!!!
    I am so sorry to hear about your Dad :( Of course dealing with his passing and the change in your routine (full time job to full time school) can trigger anxiety. That's alot of change and stress to deal with at once. Make sure that you get enough rest and that you are eating right.
    The main thing that I did that I noticed an improvement from was I realized that I swallowed air alot more when I was anxious so I really tried to stop doing that as much - conciously at first and then it just took care of itself on its own after a while.
    Hope you feel better real soon

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    I lost my father-in-law in a car crash about 2 & 1/2 years ago. We were extremely close. Since the accident the my level of anxiety has increased dramatically. I think about him many times a day. I also developed a recurring lump or streching feeling in my throat as well as back and hip pains. Although I know and try to accept my body's reactions they still plague me.

    I just recently discovered this site. I think its great.

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    Dan, It is a really frighting symptom, I have it, I find distraction helps, Try and read something and really concentrate on the reading matter for at least three minutes putting all thoughts of your throat out of your mind. Another way too distract yourself is too I know it sounds mad is too do sums in your head anything too stop you thinking about your throat. Talk Talk and talk with your friends and family don't mention your symptoms and again concentrate on the conversation this will also take your mind off your problem little by little you think about it less and less it's not a cure but it helps.

    Hope I have helped

    Fellow throat suffer

    Mel Hugs.

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    Hi Dan,

    Iíve just got over the worst part of my throat anxiety that lasted about 15 weeks! During this time I had a very tight throat, with all of the following:

    Tight constricted breathing
    Difficulty swallowing
    Lump in throat that appeared to be in different places
    Clicking noises from my throat when drinking
    Swallowing seemed difficult
    Cracking voice that got worse on some days
    Loads of flem and mucus
    Swollen tongue
    Swollen lips
    Mouth ulcers and sores
    White residue on the side of my tongue
    Throat swelled up and felt absolutely Ďmassiveí
    Difficulty speaking and forming speech

    The symptoms varied, got worse, got better, got really worse, and then got better. Finally went a week ago, although itís bobbing about a little bit [sucking a throat sweet now just to keep it quiet!]

    Itís always really frightening and you just feel itís really going to be Ďití this time [whatever Ďití might be]. But it does go. It really, really, really does go and you will get over it.

    From my own personal experience Iíd say that your anxiety is almost defiantly triggered from you recent events. Your throat is just a reaction to your situation.

    Try not to let it get you down. Let it take its course. Try and relax a bit and look after yourself. Eat as best you can, eat comfort stuff and always eat when you fancy something.

    Take care.


    ~~~ It is a poor heart, and a poorer age, that cannot accept the conditions of life with some heroic readiness. RLS. ~~~

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