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Thread: Brain Tumor/MS/Panic Panic Panic.....

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    Brain Tumor/MS/Panic Panic Panic.....

    Could do with some help regarding some ongoing symptoms that seem to be unexplained and even doc cant give a definite diagnosis and im convinced its a tumor and when I convince myself its not then I think I have MS.

    Symptoms have lasted over 6 months and seem to vary:

    • Started with strange neck pressure and tense Jaw
    • Then moved onto pins and needles in hands and feet
    • Strange vision problems (ongoing) with a decrease in visual acuity in right eye (words etc... look distorted/wavy through right eye) but no loss of peripheral vision - I have had an eye scan and nothing was detected - should I take that as positive?
    • Gradual increase in eye floaters (ongoing)
    • Tension/pressure in neck when turning head
    • Upper right arm aching/tingly
    • Right leg feels 'strange' - hard to describe but just doesnt feel right - not numb but strange
    • Blood tests showed positive ANA but negative on everything else
    • Doc says dont worry - neurologist also was unconcerned afer detailed investigation although I did panic during MRI and was unable to have it!
    Could do with some reassurance that these symptoms should be nothing to worry about as im going crazy with worry.

    Thank in advance


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    Re: Brain Tumor/MS/Panic Panic Panic.....

    I have a lot of those symptoms actually, but never really added them all together. If the doctors dont seem worried, I wouldnt worry, they know what they are looking for. x

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    Re: Brain Tumor/MS/Panic Panic Panic.....

    hi i have had all those symptoms and my mum has ms so it made me worry i was more likely to have ms i had the tingly arms n eye floaters n vision disturbances really bad all day everyday i had my eyes tested and was told the eye floaters r nothing yo worry about n just about everyone has them and they aint linked to ms at all this made me feel alot better n shortly after the tingles n pins n needles disapeared also so its def just anxiety. the aches n stiffness ur talking about is also from ur anxiety i presume as you will be stressing and causing muscle tension. try to relax and not think about it to much i know easier said than done but ur symptoms sound exactly yhe same as mine were and very common anxiety sympyoms. hope this helps x

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    Re: Brain Tumor/MS/Panic Panic Panic.....

    Thanks the reassurance does help but as you know ...... It won't be long before I convince myself again with the symptoms. I also have constant muscle jerks/twitches/flinches which again I'm sure is a sign of anxiety but also fits perfectly into the Tumor/MS jigsaw ....... My mind would have been put to rest completely had I not had a huge panic attack in the MRI scanner and make them cancel it .......

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    Re: Brain Tumor/MS/Panic Panic Panic.....

    can you not re book im positive its anxiety as that sounds like nervousness but just for ur own peace of mind x

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    Re: Brain Tumor/MS/Panic Panic Panic.....

    I'm waiting for a new MRI date. Seeing the neurologist again in 2 weeks

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    Re: Brain Tumor/MS/Panic Panic Panic.....

    let me know how you get on.

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    Re: Brain Tumor/MS/Panic Panic Panic.....

    Thanks will do. Just come back from a walk into town and leg felt funny all the way back so I'm back to flat out worry!! So frustrating. It's strange to describe its not like being unbalanced it's just a weird heavier feeling, same as arm. I've not had any headaches at all and my eye scan at the hospital came back normal so would you say it's highly unlikely I have anything sinister?

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    Re: Brain Tumor/MS/Panic Panic Panic.....

    i cant say for sure as im no expert but i think your paying to much attention to it n therefore makin it worse. i get strange head sensations n dizzyness n i find myself thinking about it constantly n if it aint there im waitin for it to happen. plz try occupy urself with something to take ur mind off it. im sure its anxiety x

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    Re: Brain Tumor/MS/Panic Panic Panic.....

    I have had lots of these symptoms. Do you suffer from TMJ. These are very common symptoms of stress and anxiety. I went to the chiropractor and he sorted me out. I also have done TMJ exercises (Search Youtube videos they are very helpful). I grind my teeth and apparently doing this can cause all of these problems especially tingling in fingers. I have numb fingers sometimes and wake up worrying but the jaw puts pressure on nerve running down to fingers. only 100,000 people in the UK have MS it is very unlikely that you will have this.
    Floaters are really common just spliting of cells in the eye and people get more as they get older. Eyesight problems are probably due to anxiety and lack of blood x Hope this helps

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