I don't think it is rude or abrupt and if I did then I would have removed it. Venus was just stating the facts and I had already done a previous post about this issue.

people use this site for reassurance and people with HA will take this as a "no-one here knows anything medical so don't ask" but isn't that what this site is for
How can we reassure someone that they aren't having a heart attack or the pain in their leg isn't a DVT though when we are not qualified to do so? No-one here (apart from a few members that are nurses I believe) are medically trained and I did not want members telling others that they are fine when they may not be.

This site is not for that purpose it is for Panic Attacks and General Anxiety.

If you read the post carefully it says that members cannot diagnose illnesses so do not ask for a diagnosis - that was the main point of it all.