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Thread: why panic attack strikes me?

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    why panic attack strikes me?

    I am new here, I had my panic attack about three weeks ago, it was a nightmare. I am a paediatric nurse and we have to deal with children and parents and the doctors. My panic attack started when we have to stop wearing masks, and I realised that i am having palpitations and tremblings of my face. I was shocked why am I feeling like this... I sanked into anxiety and depression when i think about why that is happening to me.
    At the same time I caught a very bad flu and that worsen my situation, suicidal thoughts came over me.
    In the past, I was a confident nurse and can face people or parents and do my work easily but now I had changed dramatically and even have to give up the advanced course which I am going next year. My future is tarnished by this panic attack. I applied for two weeks no pay leave and later I have to get back to work, my fear is still unresolved when i think of facing the parents ... and I have to wear the mask to cover my fear.
    My psychologist told me to think positively and do the relaxation exercise but that didn't really work for me. Having the thoughts of working in a enviroment have to face the parents and doctors makes me even more scared, I tried to think positively like " i can do it", " I can make it" but the fear is still present.
    Furthermore, I am the breadwinner of my family and I can't afford to lose this job.
    Why panic attack has to hit me, I was having a good job and promising future but now it is all tarnished because of this panic attack.
    Can anyone out there try to help me?

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    Hi paradise

    Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time. Panic can hit anyone at any time and for no apparent reason.

    You need to get it under control asap as mine went untreated for too long and I got Panic disorder too.

    Have you seen your doctor? He may prescribe a short term of anti-depressants or tranquilizers to get you over the worst.

    You do need to take control of your breathing and that is where the relaxation exercises come in. You should practice the abdmoninal breathing (explained on the website) and try to take control of the panic.

    Don't let this ruin your life or take it over - try to get on top of things now and then you will feel more confident and able to work again.

    If the worst comes to the worst then you may have to give up that job and find something that causes you less stress. I appreciate that you need the money - is there something else that you could do at the hospital for a short time - just until you feel ready to face people again?

    Keep your chin up and remember - there are people here that can help too :-)


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    Hi Paradise: I really think that Nicola has given you some good and important advice. The things to remember as you 'ride through' a panic attack, (if you have one at work), are: (1) You will NOT die; (2) You CAN survive it because you have made it thru them before; and that (3) It will be over in a couple of minutes as you slow down your breathing, breathing in thru your nose for 4, hold for 4, breath out thru your mouth or nose slowly for 4, hold for 4, (should only take a couple of times of doing this to slow the adrenaline that is causing the 'flight or fight' sensation that you are having. I agree also that it would be a good idea to get an anti-anxiety medication, and not to leave your job for any extended period of time if you can possibly help it. The drop in self-confidence CAN be restored, especially as you experience the knowledge that you CAN ride out/endure the panic, and nothing catastrophic will happen; this should dramatically reduce the frequency and the severity of the panic as well. It's when we start avoiding doing things or certain situations, like Nicola mentioned, that we can develope a panic disorder. The very best of luck with this, and keep posting, OK? It helps!


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    Today is my 4th day of work after my 2 weeks no pay leave. I have been trying to fight against my panic attack. On and off I ahve to wear my mask if i feel that my head and face going to tremor. I myself sometimes dun understand why am i like this, now I even have the fear of feeding and carry babies especially infront of the parents. Dishing out medication and giving intravenous was easy task for me, i can do it easily without wearing mask, but now i always have the feeling parents are looking at my work, I have to wear mask in case i tremble. I was very upset at myself why it happens like that. Do u all feel by listening to deep breathing exercise CD and muscle relaxation Cd helps? My psychologist ask me to do it and i try for nearly a week, the help is not that much.
    Why do i experience the sensation that my face going to temble always? I was a confident nurse and now I have fear in everything.

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