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Thread: healthy eating

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    healthy eating

    This year I have really concentrated on improving my diet.
    I used to eat well when i was younger but as my career took off i paid less attention to what i ate.
    Now I am trying to eat as much organic produce as I can afford, I eat virtually no red meat, and I avoid processed foods at all times.
    The result I have found is less depression, more energy and I feel as if i have more control over my panick and anxiety.
    Can diet really affect P & A as well as depression????

    Will [^]

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    Hi Will, I think diet does have a part to play, chemicals in food can affect our moods, for example some help with the release of seratonin, some have B-vitamins etc which can help. If you are eating organic then that will cut down on any unhealthy chemicals too. I'm glad you are finding it helps.

    Take care

    'This too will pass'

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    Hi Will,

    I will have to try this as i always feel tired and a little down.

    Alot of people say how you eat affects all sorts of body functions.


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    I think it definitely helps - if you eat well, you digest better and get more nutrition. You physically feel better. Plus you start to shed the kilos, wear your 'thin day' clothes more often and do more active things, result - your self esteem is boosted and you get more confidence to tackle anxiety.
    Unfortunately, BAD food is yummy. And comfort eating can be just do, darn it, comforting.

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    Hi Will,

    Thanks for that. It makes sense also. Must try the organic food.

    Take Care



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    Hi wil, we had a post on this recently and I learnt alot from it.

    Also I learnt that the chemicals on foods mimic the hormone oestrogen in the body, making us all out of balance.

    Ive been eating organic for the past 4 weeks now and couldnt go back,
    Ive read to much about it and am now disgusted about whats in our foods. The bad thing is my outgoings have increased 25 a week:(

    I chucked all our hand soaps when i read they have parabens in them and got new deoderant without parabens and aluminium.

    worth it i think .


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