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    My Throat Issues

    Thought I would share my throat issues with the forum as to me it feels like my whole anxiety issue revolves around it.

    I have carried a bottle of drink with me everywhere I go since I was around 14/15. I am now 28. I am always constantly swallowing and feeling like it feels weird and I want to gang and throw up at times. My nose has always felt blocked as well as I have never been able to breathe through it properly so maybe that doesn't help, and within the last 5/6 years I have suffered with GERD, I am constantly throat clearing.

    One of the weirdest things for me is that, I think when a normal person sorta snorts up and swallows a load of mucus it makes them feel sick right? Well for me when I do that and swallow the mucus it actually calms me down and makes me feel better as it feels like my throat is clearer.... Is that weird?

    Anytime I have some kinda panic or anxiety attack it all stems down to the feeling in my throat when I start constantly swallowing feeling like I want to start heaving and be sick. Even when I have been calm, having a laugh stood with friends and talking all of a sudden I will get hit with the knowledge of my swallowing and need to take a drink or vomit. It's a really weird situation for me.

    Also another thing I do when I start panicking with the throat issue and racing heart. I will make myself sneeze, just to create that kinda mucus or to clear my throat and relieve a load of pressure from me.

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    Re: My Throat Issues

    Your post has made me laugh in a good way! I know exactly what you mean about swallowing mucus. The only problem I have is that I keep in going and it's exhausting.

    I am a terrible throat clearer - it drives people mad and sometimes it drives me mad as well. I do know that it's anxiety related (mostly) although it is worse in the evening. I have just seen a repiratory consultant (among the many) who says I am probably asthmatic so it could well be part of it. But I also have terrible post nasal drip.

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    Re: My Throat Issues

    I am Asthmatic myself and also suffer with GERD. I take 2 150 Ranitidine tablets a day for that. I am obsessed with my swallowing though, my nasal pasages always feel blocked up and the back of my throat just constantly feels like say ur sticking ur finger to the back of your throat to make yourself sick. It's a horrible feeling!

    And yea the constant throat clearing is annoying, I know it annoys my family at times. Also the constant snorting up can't sound too good to other people lol. I would like to go see a nose or throat doctor but with my Anxiety I couldn't bring myself to do it, i'd be vomiting all over the place lol.

    God knows how but for a period in 2011 my Anxiety was at a low point and I even conqured one of my long time fears of the dentist and had no problem going there. I had took some 5-HTP early before that. I may try going back on them as my anxiety and mood is rock bottom at the moment.

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    Re: My Throat Issues

    The throat clearing has become a safety behaviour , it reduces the anxiety but now belive that if you don't do it the anxiety won't go away.

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