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    off to neurologist tomorrow


    I finally see the neurologist tomorrow, and I'm pretty terrified. My vertigo, handwriting, and walking seemed to be calming down. Today and last night, though, they seem out of whack again. Also, my left arm and leg feel really spastic and LIGHT sometimes. It's like the opposite of heavy. Has anyone felt something like this?

    I haven't heard anything about the job yet, except for them to tell me that they received my application materials. According to them, phone interviews are going on right now with really promising candidates to be followed with personal interviews. I haven't been called for a phone interview yet (even though I just sent my application in on Monday), and I'm starting to get worried. I'm trying to brace myself so I won't be totally devastated if I don't get the job. But, I will be really disappointed. Getting that job would be so awesome for me and the solution to so many of my issues. I guess I'm also worried because I talked to one of my husband's friends who interviewed for an English instructor job at the same university and didn't get it because they hired a PhD. I never really thought about competing with a PhD with only a master's degree. I pretty much thought that I was the only applicantand they would just give me the job; pretty naive, huh? Now I'm really scared that someone more qualified than me will get the job. But, I was MADE for that job. I guess this is my anxiety kicking in. I could use some words of encouragement, please. Take care everyone.


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    Hi April, will be thinking of you tomorrow. just try and relax and let them do what they have to do. Don't panic about the job just yet it is still early days. Hope you hear some good news pretty soon, you deserve it

    Take care

    'This too will pass'

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    <b id="quote">quote:</b id="quote"><table border="0" id="quote"><tr id="quote"><td class="quote" id="quote">My vertigo, handwriting, and walking seemed to be calming down. Today and last night, though, they seem out of whack again. Also, my left arm and leg feel really spastic and LIGHT sometimes. It's like the opposite of heavy. Has anyone felt something like this</td id="quote"></tr id="quote"></table id="quote">
    yep, I've been there with pretty similar symptoms. About 6 weeks ago I convinced myself I had MS (due to late night googling) [V]

    My left arm felt weak and strange - as if I'd been working out in the gym and my right hand had trouble writing and gripping. My legs also felt wobbly and weak in the mornings plus I was feeling dizzy. oh yes, and tingling legs too sometimes. I googled all the symptoms and of course MS, Parkinsons etc came up.

    Got in such a state, went to the doctor and he said he would refer me to a neuro for peace of mind.

    Neuro carried out some tests in his office and said he was 99% sure (they cant say 100% in the medical profession), that the dizziness was coming from my right ear and the left arm due to a trapped nerve. I've had an MRI of the brain, neck back. I go back today for my follow up so really nervous.

    Funny thing is my symptoms have improved. Since seeing him and talking to my brother (he also has health anxiety issues), the symptoms have subsided. The tingling's gone, my arms/hands feel better and my dizziness is much better, however as I'm nervous about my appointment today, I'm getting anxious again and funny things are happening again. I shallow breathe too when I'm anxious and this in turn causes problems.

    I'm sure you'll be fine.

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    Hi April,

    Those feelings you are getting are just the anxiety kicking in a bit. It's partly worry and partly excitement! Just remember how much better you have felt since you made your big decision and try to keep your nerve regarding the job application. It is early days yet.

    I'm sure that your appointment with the Neuro will confirm that everything is ok.

    Positive vibes for you as always ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Eeb xxx

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    Re: off to neurologist tomorrow

    Well got my first Neurology appointment tomorrow, not sure what to expect!

    I think maybe Mr Spock had the right idea that human emotions have many flaws and are very unpredictable Live Long & Prosper

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