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Thread: One for the lads (epididymitis)

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    One for the lads (epididymitis)

    I know this is not a medical forum but I wanted to post this with a view to helping ,other males . OK epididymitis is an infection in the scrotum behind the testes . I wont go into the medical details except to say its soooo painful . You remember the football hitting you in that region ooooo . well its similar to that but not quite as severe . anyway , with my past anxiety/panic issues over the years ( been good for a long time ) , this episode seems to have triggered a pain panic -pain gets worse-more panic cycle . UNTIL I SAID STOP . I had to remember what I learned about arresting the panic , stopping it welling up .
    Deep breathing and being rational . BELIEVING what the GPs diagnosis is and STOP googling . Here is what I consciously caught myself doing out of pure habit . Tensing anal muscles up , pulling up tightly , holding in lower abs and muscles around belly ( not very clever with muscle names ) i know when i,m doing it because i feel dreadful then when I make an effort to let go and breath its like a miracle ( I TALK TO MYSELF AND SAY LET GO AND RELAX ETC), within 10 minutes i feel fine . The antibiotics(ofloxacin) are slowly but surely working at last and swelling going down , down below . We who worry about out bodies seem to feel the pain more but if we can break that fear cycle the pain and discomfort gets better , I have managed to tap into the vicious merry-go-round of thinking and i feel much much better . isnt it bloody strange .

    bless you all

    Love and peace

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    Re: One for the lads (epididymitis)

    moving to the male issues forum for you

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