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Thread: Female 33 needs friends.

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    Female 33 needs friends.

    I've been on this site before but forgot all my login details so I've created a new account.
    I am a 33 year old nurse, in the north west of England. I suffer from social anxiety, panic attacks, BDD and low self esteem.
    I am feeling lonely in the sense that i have noone just to tell about my day. Id like to talk to people who I can be open with, people who understand my mental health issues and who know that suffering with anxiety does not make us bad.
    Id love to make new friends and have some chats.
    I look forward to perhaps getting to know some of you.

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    Re: Female 33 needs friends.

    Hi wowser,

    I also like to meet new people and make new friends

    I suffer from SA as well as panic attacks, I struggle with sleep. I find it hard to relax especially at work.

    Im in a similar situation to you where I don't really have anybody outside of this forum to express how I'm feeling or to talk openly, even on here I sometimes want to post things put half way through the post I change my mind and delete it which does me no good.

    If you'd like to chat more then please feel free to message me

    Take care.

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    Re: Female 33 needs friends.

    Hi Wowser,

    If youd like to chat with me, that would be cool. 30 yr old male, ocd, lowself esteem, you name it

    If not, no worries

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    Re: Female 33 needs friends.

    i also suffer with social anxiety and i have depression would also like to make new friends i live in wales if u want to chat more message me

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    Re: Female 33 needs friends.

    I also like to interact with new peoples and to make new friends....

    these are one of my hobbies.

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    Re: Female 33 needs friends.

    Hi Wowser,

    I'm originally from the North West too. I'm suffering from panic attacks and agoraphobia. I'm working on overcoming both. I also understand the pressures of working in a caring profession.

    I would also like to make some mutually supportive and encouraging friendships. I think that we have a lot in common and I'd love to hear from you. Take care

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