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Thread: headache and dizziness advice please

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    headache and dizziness advice please

    i have been getting mild headaches lately and started feeling dizzy. i feel panicky from it now. i always think the worst. i fell from a window about two months ago and i broke my foot in 8 places. im fine apart from that and my mental health. i always think when i get headaches and dizziness that there isn't enough oxygen getting to my head. is that possible. everynight i put my fingers down my throat and make myself sick its a terrible habit. i got a few problems with derealisation and anxiety. my head just doesnt feel right at the moment and i always think brain tumour or is there something seriously wrong with me any advice would be great. thank you. richard. aged 24.

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    Re: headache and dizziness advice please

    Hi ricky. Sorry to hear how terrible you are feeling. Have you sought help for making yourself sick? This alone could be causing the headaches and dizziness along with the anxiety so you really do need to tell your dr about it. Feel free to message me if you wanna chat xx

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    Re: headache and dizziness advice please

    Ok you are making yourself ill here and need to get some help with things.
    You do need to talk to doc about it all

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    Re: headache and dizziness advice please

    Hi Ricky...funnily enough, iv been to the emergency dr tonight with the same thing. Iv had it for the past 3-4 days with a tight/numb type feeling on top if my head with the numbness spreading to my face and neck.

    I'm am still up now because whatever he prescribed me (imigran) has made matters worse by 100 times! the pain is unreal...but now iv read online that imigran doesn't work for everyone'...amen to that!!

    I too believed I had a tumour or something seriously wrong. I even asked the dr to scan my head right away...he declined. I told him I thought I was going to drop dead at any moment and he actually guaranteed that I wouldn't... Yet im still sat here worrying.

    My advice to you is - stop making yourself sick. The first thing that happens when anyone is sick is...a headache comes along. secondly...visit your gp although...i am slowly starting to realise that all the symptoms are a product if our thoughts...we get headaches cuz were anxious. We feel dizzy because our breathing changes when were anxious and all the chemicals in our blood get thrown into turmoil causing dizziness etc. Only we can really change how we feel...tonight is a prime example of that - maybe I dont need these pills for a migraine hence why its made me worse?? Maybe...i need to treat the anxiety. See what im saying Ricky?? Xx

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