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Thread: A Birthday vow

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    A Birthday vow

    Today I turn 29. Today I am making myself a vow. I will get myself sorted so my 30's will be a hell of a lot better than my 20's!
    I will restart weight watchers tomorrow morning (it is my birthday!!) I have progressed so well since starting anti-depressents. Once I settled into them I have gone a full two weeks without any comfort eating or chocolate binges! I will undo the damage I did through my binge eating and get back to loosing weight again.
    I will act on what my counsellor is trying to tell me - if I don't learn to love myself - I really don't make it easy for anyone else to! Also to stop hating life and start seeing the good again.
    Exercise more - I know it makes me feel good just have to restart again!
    I will start rebuilding my relationship with my husband. There are years of damage to undo caused by my depressions and stupid anxieties but time, patience, talking and lots of hugs and kisses I know we can sort it and have a new start for both of us.
    I really need this year to put things to bed once and for all, make some serious amends, make some massive changes and to get a new outlook/purpose in life. All doable just need time and effort!

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    Re: A Birthday vow

    happy birthday june have a lovely day i hope you get spoiled.

    lots of love


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    Re: A Birthday vow

    Happy birthday! I hope things start to get better for you this year

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    Re: A Birthday vow

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and all the best June

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    Re: A Birthday vow

    Happy Birthday and Good Luck! xx
    You can't beat anxiety by fighting it.. only by ignoring it

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    Re: A Birthday vow

    Happy Birthday June,enjoy your day all the best.
    Love Petra xx

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