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Thread: odd feelings and symptoms

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    odd feelings and symptoms

    Hi there, I'm incredibly new to this, however I am also incredibly worried.

    I am so worried, I cannot complete daily tasks without this fear consuming me and completely absorbing all my energy in to negative thoughts.

    All day I sit and think that there is something seriously wrong judging by the symptoms I have been feeling over the last two weeks or so :

    - Nausea, Almost constantly, especially after eating a big meal or drinking a pint of water

    - Irregular Bowel Movements, been going to the toilet more regularly to try and relive some of the nausea, when I go, it is not right, often diarrhea, sometimes more firm, sometimes hardly anything and sometimes just mushy

    - Muscular Pain / Tension, been feeling what feels like some sort of pulled muscle / muscle pain / tension up my back and under my armpit

    - Loss of Appetite, not severely, I mean I still eat everyday, it's just with the nausea and the fear of being sick I don't feel like eating

    - Anxiety, like I've never experienced it before, had to go to the doctors for an ECG the other week because I had convinced myself there was something wrong, the ECG came back fine but the anxiety still remains and it really is horrible

    - Depression, something I've struggled with in the past, and it seemed to have come back a few weeks ago, and starting to re-appear at times

    Please could anyone with anything similar or ever experienced anything similar help ? I've got an appointment with my GP in about a week, however I'm going to call tomorrow to see if they can move it forward as the anxiety is becoming unbearable


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    Re: odd feelings and symptoms

    I would go and talk to your GP about how you are feeling hun.
    I started off with nausea and lack of appetite when I was first diagnosed with IBS. I am terrible when Im sick I tend to eat or drink nothing.

    If you want to mention I dont know if you have it there my gp gave me some tablets called motillium that helps stop the nausea. She said it is to help me eat normally and it has helped so far.

    Anyway all the best aye.

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    Re: odd feelings and symptoms

    I get all of these and am extremely worried about it ATM. Sometimes it comes out and the food has t been digested sometimes it's really loose sometimes firmer but not perfect. My bodily aches are concerning me as they are often and painful!

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    Re: odd feelings and symptoms


    I get all the symptoms you do - anxiety and depression, IBS, muscle pain/tension, and restlessness. For a while I wondered whether it was some kind of malabsorption problem or deficiency in an essential vitamin or mineral, however, after doing some research it does seem that these kind of things are fairly common for someone with anxiety - it could be something related to serotonin levels in the body (the gut contains a huge amount of serotonin, which is why IBS/mental health difficulties can often be comorbid).

    There is also a condition called fibromyalgia which is often co-morbid with mental illness and IBS and is characterised by fatigue, muscle pain/stiffness and GI problems. It doesn't have any known (as yet) cause but again it seems to be related to serotonin levels in the body or by stress/anxiety.

    I'm taking an SSRI for my OCD/anxiety/depression but these have also been seen to help IBS/fibromyalgia.
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