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    DVT worries still

    Had a pain in my calf which started about two nights ago. Got a lot worse after I slept but has got no worse since. The left side of my calf is sore to the touch and if I do certain movements like walking down the stairs or standing on my tippy toes, but nothing major. I can still walk on it completely fine. I'm getting some pain going into my thigh and groin area too at the moment but I'm not sure if that's related to my sciatica. It is not swollen, red or radiating any heat.

    I just panic so much that it's DVT :( I can't go back to my doctor she's probably fed up with me!

    I don't see how it could be an injury as I don't really exercise. Although, over the past three weeks I've been doing stretches 1-2 times a day, maybe I could have injured it then.

    :(:(:( Any advice would be great. So fed up with it all want to be back to normal

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    Re: DVT worries still

    Hello jsp I have been on anticoagulants for years now as I am on Warfarin.
    If you had a dvt your calf would be red, swollen as well as painful and feeling hot.

    It's possible you could of pulled a muscle, however a trip to your doctors would be sensible, and don't ever think your doctors fed up with you.

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    Re: DVT worries still

    I know, I just still worry :(.

    My calf isn't as bad today but get the odd pain here and there, also in my thigh.

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