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    New to agoraphobia - it's taken over my life

    I'm new here so firstly, helloo!

    I'm only 16 but over the past 3-4 months i've suddenly developed agoraphobia. It all started in January when i was working too hard through the cold weeks and not resting enough. i came down with viruses and my anxiety levels were up 24/7. I spent a load of time in my house and before I knew it i just couldn't get out at all. My legs feel weak and limp, my head is foggy, I'm always on edge and i'm stuck in my house.

    This has completely taken over my life. I've stopped contacting anyone on the outside world, I just sit at home all day. It's my summer holidays so I should be out with my friends but I can't get out, it's too overwhelming. I spend each day on the internet or reading because I can't do anything else, even the shower is intimidating.

    There are some things I wanted to ask like-minded people:

    -do you feel physically weak when you're outside?
    -do your eyes find it hard to focus when you're in a panic; do they glaze over?
    -do you depend on others for everyday things like going to buy food?
    -do you get overwhelmed easily?
    -do you feel hopeless and feel like everything is pointless?

    I'm quite depressed and would love to hear from anyone in a similar position.


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    Re: New to agoraphobia - it's taken over my life

    Helloooo back
    You poor thing - you say you are 16. Have you just let school? Done all your exams?
    Welcome to the agoraphobia club. A "yes" to all your questions for agoraphobia. You've got to set small goals for yourself and get back in the world. Have a target - you've got all summer and you should be able to get yourself back to being able to venture out. Make a diary of goals to make each day - note down how anxious you felt then keep doing that goal until you don't feel very anxious at all.

    As you are in a bad state, you need to try to se your doctor. Either make a home visit or get to them if you can. They may prescribe you antidepressents and get you to a psychiatrist to see if you need therapy. The NHS provide CBT free although there is a long waiting list in some areas.

    You sound like an intelligent person and you will be able to get through this with lots of help from this forum. Good luck!

    'AV A

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    Re: New to agoraphobia - it's taken over my life

    Hi and welcome to NMP

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    Re: New to agoraphobia - it's taken over my life

    Vanilla Sky - Thanks!

    PanchoGoz - Hey there, my exams were torture as i had missed months of school, but somehow i got them over and done with - although by the time my last one came around, i was so exhausted and panicked i ended up running out of the room..
    Ok, thank you, that sounds manageable. It sounds less scary doing things in small stages. Doc said he would put me on the list for CBT but yep it's a long wait, although hopefully as you say i will find some help/support on this forum.
    Thank you!

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    Re: New to agoraphobia - it's taken over my life

    Hello &

    I am a fellow anx/panic/agoraphobia sufferer and have to say a big YES to all your points too. I am currently having CBT and it is really helping. I also agree with Pancho about making a list of goals and starting off with small steps to get your confidence back. Having a 'safe person' to accompany you in the initial stages can help too.

    This site is a brilliant community and has helped me so much. I hope it's the same for you Good luck.

    "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn"

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    Re: New to agoraphobia - it's taken over my life

    helloo & thanks!
    glad to hear your cbt is working, do you find it hard to actually go to your appointments? Even though i'm on the list for it i don't know how i'm going to actually get out and go. Thanks for the advice, i can already tell this is such a friendly forum. Good luck to you too Kitti

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    Re: New to agoraphobia - it's taken over my life

    I agree with goal setting. My first one was just collecting the bins on rubbish day. Must say a big yes to all your questions. It does get better. After about a year, i made the step to actually see my doctor. Sadly the first thing the doctors will do is throw meds at you, i tried them but they weren't for me. (Tonnes of people do just fine on them, i just had to be I was then refered to a cbt, it was tough at first, but it got easier, they pushed just enough, i have a problem with people in my personal space, so allowing them into my house was seen as a massive step. i stopped the therapy after a family bereavement and the fact my therapist was going on pregnancy leave, too much loss at one time knocked me back. Been doing things slowly but surely, and am looking forward to attending my brothers wedding next month. Make a finish line you really want to cross, and go at it!!
    Good luck!

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    Re: New to agoraphobia - it's taken over my life

    I have to have my 'safe person' travel with me, I haven't managed it alone yet. It's about 2 miles from home and just within my comfort zone, so as long as I am accompanied I am fine....
    "Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn"

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