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    Depression/Anxiety/Possible agoraphobia

    Hello everyone my name is Agnes and I'm posting on here as am at my wits end. Don't want to bore you with my whole story but basically I have been at home since February off work. It all started with depression then I began having panic attacks and gp diagnosed me with anxiety and now I think I have symptoms of agoraphobia as I am afraid to go out on my own and struggle even to go out with my husband. I am taking medication which I think has helped me with my depression and have started having counselling but am still extremely worried about everything. My main anxiety at the moment is the fact that my sick pay through work ends in 5 weeks and I have no idea what to do! My husbands pay won't be enough for us both to live on but as I am barely able to leave the house with him I won't be able to go back to work :( I'm terrified about what's going to happen and feel like a total failure that I'm still not better and am letting my husband down. I've looked into benefits but it seems that there is a medical examination involved and seeing as iI am unable to get anywhere I would be unable to do that. Sorry for the long rant I'm just looking to get my feelings out there and see if anyone can relate. Thanks for reading


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    Re: Depression/Anxiety/Possible agoraphobia

    Hello Agnes,

    I really understand how you feel, your progression from depression through to agoraphobia sounds just like mine. It is so horrible isn't it? My depression has lifted somewhat with medication but anxiety is still so high.

    I hope your GP is helpful in getting your meds right, are you referred for CBT? I'm still waiting but have high hopes from what people say.

    Regarding your sick pay coming to an end, this happened to me last September and I applied for Employment Support Allowance over the phone. They started paying it straight away and I went for the medical assessment 3 months later in January. It then took them 2 months to advise me I could work and they would stop ESA so I immediately appealed and they reinstate payment during the appeal which can take months I believe and I hope to be back to work by then.

    The medical was a shambles, really ridiculous. I believe some people here have had the assessment at their home if they are agoraphobic with confirmation from their doctor. However, I think there is something to be said for getting there with your husband because if you are in a state and breaking down, horrible as it is for you, at least they see how things really are.

    Somebody is sure to be along to help you more with that than I can.

    I'm waffling, woke up too early.

    Hope today is a good day for you
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