I am new here, I suffer with health anxiey, I have done for about 2-3 yrs, it occured after the birth of my 2nd son. I am a 26 yr old woman with 3 children aged 4, 2 & 10 mths, im married to a wonderful man so why do I worry like this? who knows[:P]

Anyway ive just come off an anti d called lofepramine over the last 2-3 weeks, ive come off it quite quickly, dr knew and was happy with me doing it quickly. I reduced from 140-70mg over a 2 week period then I dropped to 35mg over a week and now im off them completly. For the last week or 2 ive felt shattered beyond belief and had a pounding head almost like a brick is in it rattling around, its at the back and crown of my head:-( I saw my GP today and he said the brick feeling is stress/anxiety and maybe withdrawal and he said maybe the tiredness is just worry didn't link it to the medication withdrawal.

I came away worrying thinking that ive not gained weight even though ive been eating more recently, my apetite has been poor since ive had children and ive always been at around 6 stone 4lbs, I was only 6 stone 10lbs before children so I guess im not much less than I was then but I still worry why can't i gain weight? why am I so tired? so of course i panic and think ive cancer[:I] My husband says there is now ay ive cancer and that it must be withdrawal making me so tired and he says ive been at 6 stone 4lbs for about 2-3 months now so by now if it were cancer the weight would of dropped even more.

I don't look ill, ive colour in my cheeks despite being very pale naturally and my dr said he can tell by looking at my eyes im not anaemic which aparently I would be if I were seriously ill.

Can anyone give me a kick up the bum or reassure me?

Sorry to of rambled on.

Jem x