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Thread: accepting anxiety

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    accepting anxiety

    Hi all, I feel I would be able to deal with my anxiety problems much better if I could accept them, but have problem doing this. Reading about anxiety is confusing some things say it is a mental illness some say its not an illness but is behavioural and learned. I have trouble with it being an illness and get embarrassed. Anybody else like this, how can I go about accepting it

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    Re: accepting anxiety

    I get you! I always say my anxiety came on very suddenly in Feb but in reality it blew itself out of proportion around that time - if I'm honest about it, I guess I've been quite an anxious person most of my adult life. There - I admitted it..... but I couldn't admit it to others - apart from you guys. To the outside world I'm outgoing and confident and to a degree I am that person but inside my head I don't always feel that way. I don't know why I can't admit it to others either. You're def not alone. big hugs. xx

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    Re: accepting anxiety

    I believe that anxiety is a mental illness, but we repetitively react to our physical symptoms, then it becomes behavioural and learned.

    I have only recently accepted these things; and sometimes I am not ashamed to share the fact that I suffer from anxiety with others.
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    Re: accepting anxiety

    I don't believe anxiety is an illness. I think anxiety is a part of us that becomes more extreme due to different triggers in our lives. If you think about it, almost everybody has an anxious part of themselves, just for many people it is not as extreme. Things that happen to us make it more extreme, such as trauma, the way we were raised, etc. I think that viewing anxiety as just one part of us that happens to take over quite often makes it more hopeful and less stigmatizing. It is easier for me to accept my "anxious part" as just a part of me that learned to be that way as a means of protecting myself. It helps me to be less frustrated with myself when I can understand why that part of me is that way and that it is not the ONLY part of me.

    Hope that made sense, lol

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    Re: accepting anxiety

    Yeah it makes sense, I read that all anxiety is is the flight and fight response and that is natural, its just we become scared of the symptoms. I have always been a worrier but never saw it as an illness til I read up on anxiety when I had more of a problem with it and there doesn't seem to be an agreement on whether its an illness or not. Anyway I am trying seraltine to give me a little break hopefully

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    Re: accepting anxiety

    I have similar problems to this, I find it hard to accept this is part of me and that I will most likely have some sort of anxiety problem for the rest of my life. I often find myself thinking back to when I felt more normal which is a bad habit and causes depression.

    I guess I also get frustrated that my brain won't listen to me when I tell it everything is all right.
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    Re: accepting anxiety


    I'm really sorry to hear that you're having a problem accepting the fact that you have a mental health condition, I know how difficult it can be so I give you full appraisal for being able to speak to us on here. It's one step further in the right direction for you.

    Sometimes, what happens is you need to accept and admit you have a problem to find the relevant help and care that you need. Are you going to CBT or taking any form of medication? Do not let it crush your ego, because everyone at some point in their lives has a problem and it's not a shame to admit to it, if anything, it shows you're a strong, courageous character that wishes to make the most from your life.

    You can do this, don't ever let anyone doubt you; especially yourself.

    All the best,
    Never give up; there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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    Re: accepting anxiety

    Hi Becky,
    I started taking seraltine 2 weeks ago as I needed a break from the anxiety. When I am hormonal it gets worse and at that time of month feel down as well. I am hoping medication helps, I am waiting for cbt too

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