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Thread: urinary problems

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    urinary problems

    Ok guess this is mainly for the ladies
    Have had a prolapsed operation a year ago and suddenly become insanely worried it hasn't worked, one year later.(everything has been fine till I started worrying) Have been back to surgeon he says everything looks good.
    Now started worrying about urination , something I have been anxious about before. Have taken to measuring every time I wee which I realise it a bit over the top but I can't stop! I drank a glass of water and a large mug of coffee over the course of about an hour. (Had last been 3 hours or so earlier) Had had other drinks before then too. Went for a wee and measured 350ml then worried that I had not peed everything out and went back to toilet 5 minutes later and peed 30ml. Then got into a state went back 15 mins and peed 100 ml.
    Where did the 100ml come from? Can't have made that in 15 mins! Worried bladder is retaining urine now .......
    Someone calm me down!

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    Re: urinary problems

    Hi hun panic and anxiety can cause an adrenaline rush which in turn can cause this issue , when I found out my nana had died I emptied my bladder 3 times in the space of 10 minutes don't worry luv it is because you are anxious I hope I have helped a bit xx

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