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    Coming off of Sertraline

    Hi guys and girls thought I would make a new thread on how I'm getting on so far now than I have been slowly coming off of my tablets.

    I started off by taking one tablet every other day, I did this for a week. Since then I was planning on continuing this but totally forgot to take the tablet that night, it has now been 5days since I had a tablet and I would say other than a few mildly noticeable things I am coping ok.

    The main thing I have noticed is that my dreams have become more and more vivid, last night being the worst. They do not affect me once I wake up as I feel in myself that they cannot hurt me. That aside I feel quite yukky right now, it may be something to do with only getting 4 hours sleep last night but I cannot just sleep if and when I feel like it atm like I could when I was on the tablets.

    My body is also twitching here and there, mainly in my legs which is what used to happen before I started the tablets. I feel like I constantly have sorta heart burn but its more of an annoyance than a worry.

    I'm not sure what else to say currently, I start a new job 2moro so hopefully even without being on my tablets now I am able to work with no problems.

    I will continue to post in this thread until I feel like I am totally free of the tablets as I hope this will give a good insight to what to expect for other people that are stopping there tablets

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    Re: Coming off of Sertraline

    Quick update.

    Still not had a tablet and am feeling totally fine tbh. Last 2 nights my dreams have been non-existent as far as I tell. Nothing out of the ordinary is happening and I am now working so thats getting me tired and ready for bed which is where I am planning on going now.

    I dont know if this thread is helpful what so ever, but even if it gives just an ounce of self belief to someone planning on stopping there tablets then I would say this thread has done its job. Will only post in here again if things change for the worse at any point otherwise just assume I am ok

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    Re: Coming off of Sertraline

    Hey Brownin, glad to hear all is going well with stopping sertraline. I'm sure this diary will be very useful for other members to read x keep us updated x

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    Re: Coming off of Sertraline


    Had my first experience of anxiety since I started the tablets a year ago. I managed to stop it before it stemmed out of control and still managed to win the game of fifa I was playing lol. Other than this hick-up I would say everything is all well. Currently enjoying life tablet free

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    Re: Coming off of Sertraline

    ive been doing a slow taper and took my last tablet 2 weeks ago. I have never felt better, all my friends have noticed how much happier i am too.
    i havent had no withdrawal effects (well not that bad) but i i did start using 5htp to help with any withdrawal and loads of omega 3/6 oils

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    Re: Coming off of Sertraline

    When i came off them i felt excited and jittery for a week or two after it. My anxiety and depression is back but i don't want to go back on the pills. They left me feeling like a zombie, not happy or sad.

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    Re: Coming off of Sertraline

    Yer I get the odd jitter sometimes and have a few more bad thoughts here and there but overall I'd say I'm coping fine without the tablets. Feels good to be tablet free. Have managed to drink and face a days hangover with no problem atal. Starting back at uni end of September lets hope I can get on top of things before they get on top of me otherwise the tablets will have to make an unwelcome appearance...

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    Re: Coming off of Sertraline

    I gave up Sertraline as i felt derealised all of the time and struggled to find emotion in things... however a couple weeks on and im wrapped with anxiety it sucks :-(

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    Re: Coming off of Sertraline

    So Brownin you've been off a month now and all seems to be okay? That's great news. Good luck starting back at uni and have fun! I remember those uni days (vaguely).
    Whitetrash how long have you been off the sertraline and how did you come off them? Did you taper? I experienced AWFUL anxiety during wd 10 X worse than anything i'd ever experienced before. Seemed to last about 1 month then the anxiety faded (i'm still having WD issues though 5 months after my last dose). PM me if you need support x

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    Re: Coming off of Sertraline

    I am on 25mg every other day after doing 50mg every other day for 2 weeks, going to drop to 12.5mg (approx) next week every other day then hopefully off fully for the first time in 16 months by the end of August. Been having a lot of sweats, nausea and generally not feeling well since withdrawing, not nice but not staying on these meds anymore as always exhausted, dr told me my meds won't be making me tired but I am certain its these

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