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Thread: How to stopp and reverse weight gain while on 75 mg Sertraline?

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    How to stopp and reverse weight gain while on 75 mg Sertraline?


    I wonder if anyone here could manage to maintain weight or even to lose weight while on Sertraline or other SSRIs. Background: I take 75 mg Sertraline for just one year for my OCD (pure O) which led to panic attacks and depersonalisation disorder. Well it has helped dramatically good. No big side effects, only at times diarrhea in the beginning; after long 20 weeks I was totally symptom free and felt like a new born. It gave me my life and family life back.
    Never felt better in my entire life, I felt no anxiety at all for the first time; how easy and sweet life can be. Even my libido has increased and my performance in my relationship has improved as well.
    No comparison to the two times I was on citalopram, which killed of my libido, made me a zombie with no emotions at all and made me gain incredible 12 kg in just 3 month Ö

    However, and here comes my problem, Iíve gained weight on Sertraline as well, very slowly, 7 kg in 12 month. Needless to say, that I do Sports every day for 30 minutesÖ Iím really a bit confused since the Sertraline does not make me lazy or inactive or tired (like Citalopram did in fact). My problem are sweets and sugar at night. At 2:00 h I get up and stuff in me all sweets I can find; I have had such attacks right before Sertraline too but not that strong! Even though I have bought a look for the kitchen now, to lock it up at night and give the key to my wife, Iíd like to know if anybody can give me a real good advice how to lose the kilos again and / or stop gaining weight. Did anyone lose weight while taking Sertraline, and what did the magic?
    The OCD and DP made me feel half dead and half alive, I donít want to live like a fading shadow or ghost any more BUT as well I donít like to get bigger and bigger with no end in sight with the SertralineÖ
    Itís a catch-22 situationÖ



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    Re: How to stopp and reverse weight gain while on 75 mg Sertraline?

    Dear GF, so glad to hear you're getting on so well with sertraline. It sounds like it has been a great drug for you.
    I'm really sorry but i can't offer advice on the weight gain. I lost 1 stone, 6kg during my time on sertraline and i didn't change my eating habits. It just affects people in differensqt ways. Since i've come off the sertraline the weight has come back on :(

    Strange you're getting sugar cravings It sounds like a lock on your sweets cupboard is a great idea - can you try snacking on dried fruit or something a bit healthier if you're craving sweet something or have a drink with some sweetener in?
    If i'm desperately hungry i drink 2 pints of water to try and fill me up!
    Anyhow I'm so pleased to hear you're getting on so well - i;m sure the weight will come off if you stop munching the sweets and continue with your sports x

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    Thumbs up Some further questions R4963 ...

    Good morning! Please excuse my english, it's not my mother tongue, and speaking english is more easy than writing...

    Thanks for your answer. I have bought on ebay a lock, it'will come from the UK by the way, to lock up my kitchen completely. It is the only way to stop my sweet longings ,,cold turky". Never had big issues wit stopping alcohol, nicotine or even SSRI (at times brainshivers and shocks, but they went away quite fast) but quitting schocolate or my tea cold turky is damnd hard. It's sounds silly but I guess I am addicted to muffins, Doughnuts and so on. Gotta stop that crap by locking it up. Anyway Sertralin is a very good SSRI for my OCD; actually the only SSRI which increased my libido. I really do not know what it does to increase it.

    I took measurements on the weekend to loose weight. I will eat more proteins and wholemeal bread and quarks, drink lots of green tea and I will increase my work out from 30 - 40 minutes. Plus the lock ! I also bought ,,light Beer" with only 3% of alcolhol (I live in Bavaria and my friends and colleagues wonder which normal guy on earth would drink Light Beer). So in sum I hope to lose per month 0,5 kg. That would be anough for me.
    Let me ask you something, you said you even lost 6 kg? Due to the dhiarrea? Or no more hunger? How long have you been on Sertralin and on which dose? Did it help you besides the weight loss?
    It must be that different SSRI influence different people in quite different ways. When I was on 6 month amytriptyline (SSRI were not on the market back in 1992 in Germany) I slept 12 hours and was hungry at times but I didn't gain a single pound even though TCA are very well known to make you flabby ...

    Wish you all the best ...

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    Re: How to stopp and reverse weight gain while on 75 mg Sertraline?

    Hi GF - your english is amazing. I only took 50mg sertraline for 6 months and have now been off it 5 months (unfortunately struggling with withdrawal symptoms now) but when I was taking it i lost 6kg/1 stone I didn't suffer from diarrhea or anything and my eating habits didn't change. I think the sertraline sped up my metabolism. Since i've been off it, some of the weight has come back. i wasn't overweight to start with- just on the heavier side of healthy if you know what i mean!
    Sounds like you're on the right track with losing the weight and hope you continue to feel great I've stopped drinking alcohol completely now. For me it was a choice between being overweight and drinking and eating or being just right eating and not drinking. Anyway I have 2 kids so can't hack the hangovers! Take care x

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