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Thread: Is this a symptom of anxiety, find it hard to describe

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    Is this a symptom of anxiety, find it hard to describe

    Hi everyone.

    I am just wondering if what I am feeling is a symptom of anxiety as I am confused but it is ruining my life.

    For the last couple of weeks I have felt very down. I was given progesterone tablets by my doctor and ever since stopping taking them
    I have never had a period and have felt very down. If anyone has read my previous posts they will know I went through a bad time in May with panic attacks but this feels a bit different as I knew what was causing them.

    From feeling down, I then have this general niggling feeling something isn't right in my life and it is always hanging around like a black cloud say. If I am busy and kept occupied it is not there, and sometimes I have to
    Think and it appears.

    It has gotten progressively worse
    Since last weekend and it now greatly impacting my life. The only way I can describe what happens is I'll be going about a task of my day to day life
    But the feeling makes it feel like its not quite real, which makes me feel strange and down. It is there in everything I do.

    I'm sorry if I'm not explaining myself properly but it's so confusing.


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    Re: Is this a symptom of anxiety, find it hard to describe

    It sounds a bit like mild depression, but its hard to understand what you mean. SOmetimes I feel as if I'm just going through the motions and when its bad I see everything in a very negative and dark light.

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    Re: Is this a symptom of anxiety, find it hard to describe

    what you are describing sounds alot like derealization, Google it. It will help you to understand more and yes it is a symptom of anxiety disorders!

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    Re: Is this a symptom of anxiety, find it hard to describe


    I'm sorry to hear that you're going through this at the moment.

    As per above, there could be many things or just one thing that can make you feel this way, but if I was to give my honest opinion to all of this it does sound as if you're dealing with depression. Depression can someones give you a "false reality" as it does not let you feel as if you're actually human.

    I would advise going back to your GP and seeing if there are any medication/therapists you can visit to discuss your options with as this may help with the derealization and the depression.

    All the best,
    Never give up; there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

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