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Thread: a question for men

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    a question for men

    i have been through a lot of stress starting about 3 weeks ago. at the same time i noticed my libido fall drastically from very healthy to almost non-existent. this seems normal as anxiety is known to do this. but is it normal to have a significantly decreased semen volume upon ejaculation suddenly as a result? i don't want to go to the doctor for a 5th time in the last few months over this! it is very frusterating to think you're getting over something and see it come back around and bite you.
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    Re: a question for men

    Did it go back to normal? I’m having similar issues!


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    Re: a question for men

    The OP was last on 11 years ago.

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    Re: a question for men

    Get married that kills the drive lol

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