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Thread: Agitated/tense/restless after eating?

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    Agitated/tense/restless after eating?


    I've been feeling pretty tense/agitated recently, and find it really hard to sit still without moving. I also find it hard to concentrate and feel constantly nervous (frequently bite my nails etc). However, these effects seem to become worse around 30 mins after eating, even if I haven't eaten anything particularly sugary.

    I had a range of blood tests for IBS related issues about 3 months ago which all came back ok, including my fasting blood sugar levels.

    I've also been taking fluoxetine for 4 weeks - I have been taking it before with no side effects, but this time it really seems to be making me agitated/hyper even if I have nothing to worry about.

    Does anyone have any idea whats going on? I'm 29, 5 ft 9, weigh 10 stone, non-smoker, and have never been overweight. Get a reasonable amount of exercise, drink far less than I used to, and try to eat healthily. If anything I've been living far more healthily these last few months than I was the decade before that so I really don't know why I feel so agitated now :(

    Today's mood rating - calculation in progress.

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    Re: Agitated/tense/restless after eating?

    I have more or less same symptoms. Does any one have some more to say...Thanks

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