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Thread: Still having breast issues :( Itchy red area. Please reply

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    Still having breast issues :( Itchy red area. Please reply

    Well after painful right boob and odd pimple like lumps I decided to go to drs just over 2 weeks ago (we are on hol in 4 weeks and don't want to ruin it with my stupid anxiety). Dr examined me and said could feel nothing of concern but to come back if pain did not go after next period. Pain did mostly go (just odd twinges in my annoying right boob - wish it behaved like my left one).

    New prob however is that after achy hurty boobs Sat night when felt bra too tight I had shower Sun AM and had itchy area on top of right boob. It is red and slightly raised, looks like bite mark but no bite mark and about 10p in size. It is itching like mad. I am now convinced it in inflammatory BC :(

    Why would it itch so and be red three days later. I have used savlon and not touched it all day but still itchy and red. What else can it be. Don't know whether to go to drs, whether should leave a few more days as over reacting but want to know ok before hols. What if refers for tests? that will ruin hol too. I HATE this stupid anxiety and my right boob.

    Anyone? Really need some reassurance.

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    Also painful, burning tingling sensation in right boob now too. Does not help that right boob always redder (checked this out few yrs back). Also bra tighter that side... obviously due to BC. :(

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    Re: Still having breast issues :( Itchy red area. Please reply

    It doesn't sound like anything serious to me to be honest. Probably just a rash or an insect bite or something similar.

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    Re: Still having breast issues :( Itchy red area. Please reply

    Hi Flumpkin

    Sorry to hear about your breast problems HA is horrible isnt it!!!
    Im going through a similar thing at the moment my right boob is tender all month with twinges and shooting pains I am also getting pain in my right arm and shoulder (not sure whether that is down to HA though) can I just ask what your dr said about your pain did he seem to think it was quite normal?

    Hope your feeling better soon, Lorn x

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    Re: Still having breast issues :( Itchy red area. Please reply

    Hi Lorn
    Health anxiety really does suck. My doctor was not too worried about pain and said very rarely a sign of anything sinister. To be fair I have had breast pain before in right boob about 7 yrs back when found lump and had mammogram which was clear. Also reading on here pain in one boob seems quite common and can be hormonal. Mine is really achy and heavy, prickly and sore at minute.... But am very focussed on it, which makes symptoms worse. The itch has lessened but not gone and red rash marked area still there... Along with extra isolated red spots dotted around for good measure and whole breast looks veiny and mottled :(
    My right arm and shoulder also have dull ache but poss as stressed or as texting bff more
    Have you been to see dr yet? I am sure you are fine - pain as dr says is usually hormonal.
    I think I am going to make appt. Never sure whether to or not. Hate being so scared by health stuff. I hope you are feeling better soon and our right boobs start behaving Xxx

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    Thanks for reply Nicola. I hope I am just overreacting and it is nothing. A bit of me thinks it is fine but can't settle and mark showing no signs of going (4 days now). If not about to go on our one hol of year I may have left it a week (or tried) to but want to hopefully be reassured before hol so I can enjoy it and not be there pretending ok when struggling. Xx
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    Re: Still having breast issues :( Itchy red area. Please reply

    Yes iv been to see 2 different doctors now both were not concerned but you know what its like you still cant get rid of the 'what if?' thoughts :-(

    I keep thinkin should I ask for an ultrasound but I know I couldnt cope with the waiting id drive myself crazy!!!

    I wonder if your itching/rash could be caused by hormones? They seem to have a lot to answer for. I am the same with my arm and shoulder though and the right side of my neck feels stiff, like you say I think that may be down to stress and anxiety :-(

    I keep willing my left breast to have twinges (it does sometimes) its crazy the way our minds think isnt it! Let me know how you get on, if u ever need to chat just message me, feelbetter x

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