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Thread: being gay

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    being gay

    does anyone think being gay has something to do with anxiety/panic David

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    Re: being gay

    no not really as an out gay man married to my husband I don't think it makes life any easier to be fair ........coming out and being proud of yourself is more important ...........think if you suffer with anxiety / depression it does not matter of you are gay / straight / black white or yellow

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    Re: being gay

    I do not think that this issue is at all related to anxiety.

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    Re: being gay

    I don't think being gay intrinsically is related to anxiety, but I do think there are a lot of external stressors that society places on people who are gay that can contribute to anxiety if you have it already or may have had a tendency to be anxious. Not everybody is lucky enough to have accepting families or friends etc. so I could see it being related to environmental stressors.

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    Re: being gay

    I think you are quite right
    Take care

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