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Thread: Are ecgs reliable

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    Are ecgs reliable

    Hi ive had numerous ecgs done and theyve all been normal but still having chest pain and cant help worrying that it heart related. So my question is r they reliable cause they only take a few seconds

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    Re: Are ecgs reliable

    thay are reliable or thay would not use them
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    Re: Are ecgs reliable

    They are only reliable at the time they are taken if that makes sense.

    They can show abnormalities in the heart rythmn but they can't tell you if there are going to be future problems like a clot in the artery.

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    Thanks for getting back to me . The last one i had done was 2 weeks ago and it was normal but just sat here watching telly and got pain in centre of chest and im scared

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    Re: Are ecgs reliable

    I get chest pains all the time, they will be through anxiety. They use ECG's as they are reliable and can detect anything wrong with your heart. Try not to worry and see your doctor again if you are still worrying

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