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Thread: Bleeding after sex - post coital bleeding

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    Bleeding after sex - post coital bleeding


    For the last few months I have been having some bleeding from my vagina after a bowel movement and it has always been the week my period is due.
    I went to see my dr who decided to get an ultrasound scan done and I hade my smear test done too as I was due it the following month.
    The nurse had a good look at my cervix and said it looked lovely.
    Both scan and smear came back clear.
    A few months later, I started to bleed after sex so went back to dr and she said it was probably mid cycle bleeding as I was mid cycle but to come back if it became troublesome. The dr wasn't too concerned as my test results had come back clear.
    I had to return recently as it had happened again a few days before my period was due, the dr had a look and took a swab and that's when the dr saw 2 little veiny things at the bottom of my cervix which bled like a nose bleed she said!
    She said my cervix looked really healthy and if it was anything worrying it would look different.
    I was given the option to leave it or have it cauterised, so I have decided to have the procedure done.
    Deep down I am really worried that it could be something serious :(
    Even though the dr said it was nothing to worry about and it could be left.
    I've googled post coital bleeding (as you do) and it's scary reading!!!
    It says about cervical cancer etc but my test came back last month clear.
    I'm so worried now that it is something nasty.
    Surely a clean scan and smear should be a positive? In my head I'm worrying myself.
    Can anyone offer any reassurance?
    Waiting for appointment for cauterisation.

    Thanks for listening

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    Re: Bleeding after sex - post coital bleeding

    i have a cervical erosion which can bleed when touched but ive also had bleeding round ovulation but not for a while i posted yesterday actually because ive started going to the gym recently and i went yesterday and i was ovulating and when i came back from gym i noticed id been spotting i am on day 11 of my cycle thats when i usually ovulate but its upset me abit ive also like you had spotting after a bowel movement in the past again just after a period finished x

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    Re: Bleeding after sex - post coital bleeding

    I have had this once in a while ... usually if I have not had sex in a while or if it is a little on the dry side ... actually what helped me most was changing my allergy medication. My antihistamine was drying everything out (sorry if TMI).

    I understand being in your head and worrying too much. I have spotting and am on the birth control pill and my doc checked me out, but I still am worrying. i am thinking she did not check for everything, as I just had a pelvic exam and an STI test. I don't know how to trust my doctor and not get carried away. It is hard, so I feel for you.

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