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Thread: Does anyone with Irritable Bladder have these Symptons????

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    Does anyone with Irritable Bladder have these Symptons????

    I have had frequent urination once before for about a I know some of the symptoms, but this time round ( if this is what I have )I have a couple more I did'nt have before. Has anyone suffered with lower back pain, better at nite in bed, tender lower abdoman( if you push in seems like bladder or bowel is tender, I also have Irritable bowel on and off with it too), just above pubic bone; again can be better at nite and no pain wen urinating but the feeling of wanting to still go afterwards.

    On hols at the moment and getting my knickers in a twist it's something Nasty.

    Be good to hear from anyone who knows is going through wot I'm going through.

    Thanks so much for reading.

    Mandy xx

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    Re: Does anyone with Irritable Bladder have these Symptons????

    Hi Mandy

    I went through this last year for about 4 months and its started again yesterday :( just sounds exactly the same as you with IBS and that and low back pain, my doc says its anxiety!! and another of them says its the IBS, I had all test last year ie ultra sound, cystoscopy and blood work along with numerous urine samples and there was nothing wrong so either way I have to put it down to Anxiety or IBS, not nice at all though :((.

    I have dropped a sample into my doctors today for them to check ive no infection!

    Jayne x

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    Re: Does anyone with Irritable Bladder have these Symptons????

    Last year I had lots of problems with my bladder which were mainly urgency and frequency and irritational pain and also cystitis like symptoms during my menstrual cycle but not as bad as actual cystitis.

    I was getting tested for infections and it never showed up as anything and it was fine. Doctor said it sounds like an irritable bladder. She gave me some pills called oxybutynin and have been taking those since last November. I love them and swear by them still taking them wth no problems.

    I still get cystitis symptoms sometimes but when I do it tests up with an infection and goes away with antibiotics.

    I would maybe try something like oxybutynin and see how that works I would start on a low dose though and build it up you will know how much your bladder requires.

    Anyway I hope you get things sorted aye I know how much of a pain it is. Also to let you know there is this thing called overactive bladder and it doesnt show up as anything on tests because the bladder is usually healthy and functioning healthy it just means that its more nervous as the bladder muscle is overactive and works overtime so the muscle contracts too much and too soon and something like oxybutynin helps calm it down.

    All the best aye.

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