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Thread: Do fatty foods act as a laxative?

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    Do fatty foods act as a laxative?

    Last night I had fish and chips plus 3 scoops of vanilla icecream and a cupcake - I was bloated and then have mushy stool and horrible smelling gas. I saw on Dr Google that fat can act as a GI stimulant, any truth behind that?

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    Re: Do fatty foods act as a laxative?

    Yes fatty foods can cause IBS to flare up. You may also be sensitive to certain types of food too. Ice cream more often than not causes me and upset stomach. Try to identify what foods you don't tolerate well and reduce your intake of them .

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    Re: Do fatty foods act as a laxative?

    I have IBS and if I had eaten that I would have known about it by evening!!!

    I find that 'rich' foods really upset my digestive system and if I eat anything like fish & chips, Chinese takeout, creamy foods etc (especially lots of them together) I will pay for it.

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