Thanks for the reply Miles.

Yea im trying to hang in there but these feelings in my head are just so weird gets me so paranoid that something funny is going on. Dont no if its the citalopram or what, hopefully will see some improvements soon.

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Feeling so strange, foggy dizzy, fuzzy head. All these things bring on my anxiety now, not the other way round. I need to know if this the medication or something is going on up there in my head.

I had no side effects for the first 10 days i felt ok, just light anxiety which i had before taking the medication and then day 11 came and all these horrible symptoms have kicked in and havnt gone away. Is this normal, everyone else seems to get side effects from day 1 or 2 and then they gradually get better, mine started on day 11 and havnt improved, im not on day 19 and still no good effects have come my way.