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Thread: Feeling down with these symptoms :(

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    Feeling down with these symptoms :(

    I have been feeling really down lately like Im worthless and my life is not worth living but Ive been having these symptoms that dont help with the situation.

    I have been having a few bouts of diarrhoea every morning with flare up pain in my lower back and pelvic area. It sometimes makes me late for things because I have to stay by the toilet. I get pain in my legs and lower back with yucky poos too at night and end up in bed with a hot water bottle.

    I also been getting irritation in my chest area like heart burn and indigestion. It is tightening my chest and it really hurts and it feels like Im gonna vomit. Ive had it for years but really worse at the moment and have tried losec and ranitidine and it doesnt help.

    It is really getting me down I feel like crying and because I have other depression issues I am juggling with I feel like I am not coping with life and Im going to have a break down. I am just sick of everything :(

    Has anyone else ever felt like this? How can I try to help myself instead of wanting to harm myself all the time?

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    Re: Feeling down with these symptoms :(

    Hi hon, I'm sorry you're feeling so down and poorly

    You and I seem to be very similar, I know how you're feeling. My ibs is all over the place right now too, and I keep feeling acidy and sick. Only last night I asked my husband if I could be heading for a breakdown, it's really scary. I keep crying, I've been going back to bed (HATE doing that and have managed to fight it in the past).

    I've been having trouble with bad pain in my pelvic area, some back ache, irregular bleeding, deep dark depressive moods, then a 4 day migraine to finish me off. Oh, and then last night pain, acid and felt very sick again

    In my case, I keep trying to convince myself it's stress and hormone related. I have always eaten very badly (mainly sugar) and that has caught up with me. My hormones are all over the place - age related as well as now having reached 2 years with no synthetic hormones to help regulate me (hysterectomy September 2010). Being 'all natural' really doesn't suit me - and I really do think my ovaries are struggling now.

    Of course, there is the depression and anxiety that I have suffered with for over 20 years...

    I KNOW that antidepressants will help me, they have helped before, but I'm too scared to start them while I already get bouts of nausea.

    You are not alone honey, just wanted to say that. I have decided I am going to try really hard to eat better, make time to relax, get some exercise and, very soon, start the pills again.

    Please don't give up on yourself, if you have no-one to talk to in person you can always come here - I think it's been a life-saver for both of us before now

    We have to MAKE our lives worth living, and we can
    Knowing it's irrational doesn't change anything...

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    Re: Feeling down with these symptoms :(

    There is nothing more depressing than having a digestive system that is ruling your life.

    I am the same and my IBS symptoms are so much worse in the mornings I cant organize anything then and getting the kids to school is such an anxious time.

    I think I might have mentioned this the other day but for the last few weeks I have been trying a new ibs diet called the Low Fodmap diet. Its quite tough but its has really helped alot of people (there is a Facebook support page).

    It envolves cutting out certain foods like wheat, diary, onions, broccoli, garlic & certain fruits from your diet for 8 weeks and then introducing them to see which ones cause you symptoms.

    I am on week 4 so havent introduced things back yet. It has helped some what I am still quite bad in the mornings but I alway feel very anxious then & I read that is because cortisol levels are at the highest then.

    Your doctor may be able to help with this diet or you can try Sue Shepherd she is the lady who first divised the diet and she is based in Australia and there is a great book by Patsy Catsos called IBS Free at last which you can get from Amazon.

    It may be worth a try-good luck

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    Re: Feeling down with these symptoms :(

    Thanks you two. Ive had a really bad month with feeling really down, I seem to be really unhapy with myself and what my body does to me it feels like sometimes its too much. I think my hormones are all out of balance too as I feel really moody and want to cry over mostly everything its so annoying.

    The diarrhea and reflux doesnt help at all with the way Ive been feeling. I get this feeling that Ive just had enough and I dont really care about myself anymore.

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