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Thread: IBS / H.A. and travelling

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    IBS / H.A. and travelling

    Hi folks,
    I guess most of you have read my posts about my IBS type symptoms over the past month or so.
    The funny thing is , I'm not worrying so much ( at the moment ) about what it 'could be'.
    I have had a weekend planned for ages to go and see my Mum for her birthday . This involves a 1 and half hour train journey to my hometown , then travelling another half hour to another town the next night.
    Also being away from my wife for two nights.

    I am starting to feel panicky about it . I usually do this every couple of months with no hassle , but the anxiety has only recently kicked in.

    I keep thinking " What if I become ill on the train or have a panic attack or faint ".

    I could cancel , but I'd be really letting my Mum down ( also I had to cancel last time , a month ago when the symptoms kicked in ).

    Also I feel if I did cancel , I'd be letting the anxiety 'win'. Also I don't want to become agrophobic on top of everything else . Another train of thought is , If I have a good weekend , it might take my mind off things.

    I just wondered if any of you sometimes feel like this?.

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    Re: IBS / H.A. and travelling

    Yes i do that alot, but then like you say i dont want to let anxiety win. I havent been for therapy for my HA but i did have therapy 3 years ago for constant panic attacks i used to take. It really made me realise how its nothing to fear and the symptoms are all in your head. Now if i feel panic come on i just tell myself its all in my head and itl pass. Or i totallly ignore it and concentrate on something else and dont let myself feed into it or il get more symptoms.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend away and i bet it will take your mind of things. I went away for a few days a few weeks ago when i was convinced id a brain tumour cuz id constant headaches. I didnt even get one headache when i was away!

    I think itl be good to enjoy yourself and hopefully youl forget about HA for a few days and come back feeling a bit better

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    Re: IBS / H.A. and travelling

    Cheers , thanks for that Sheila.

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