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    not sure

    iv had 60mg doluxatine for the last 8month for depression wasnt sure if helpt so stopped cold turkey in may was so ill head zaps anxiety had to take week off work an re started them my doc says takem my thearipest doesnt believe in antidepresants iv weened my self off them clear nearly a month but my mood swings are every where tears all the time dont no if its withdrawl or i need tablets to cope with life any one any ideas

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    Re: not sure

    right if u just stop the tabs without weaning off them your body dont cope with that going cold turkey isnt a very good idea i was told by my gp. i would say go back to your gp and ask for cipralex they r brill they helped me so much been on them about over a month now and i am soo happy me and hubby r getting back toghther as we split when i was on mirtzapine that was an evil drug i tell u made me depressed and wanting to take my own life. and like i say i split with hubby i pleaded with my gp to take me off them so he tried me with cipralex and its the besyt thing ive done i am sleeping so much better so happy never stay in bed. ok i have a few panic attaks espically in the mornings i dunno y. hope ive helped u sorry to ramble on
    I suffer from depression anxiety and emetophobia.

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    Re: not sure

    thanks so much im goin thro tuff patch at home not suprised as even i dont want to be with me ! il check those tablets out x

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    Re: not sure

    a while back, I tried to stop duloxetine 'cold turkey' it was awful -don't do it , i needed to wean off slowly with Dr. instruction. then i was successful .
    be strong- be kind to yourself.

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